Neighbours I wonder how the girl next door( age 20) is doing with her new baby, how she’s adjusting to being a new mother, night feedings, exhaustion, sleepless nights, newborn care, post-partum recovery, etc. all on her own(although she does have her parents to help her) and she and our oldest girl(turning 23 late this YR) grew up living next door to eachother for 10 YRS, and I let them play together in the beginning, when we first moved here, until she rudely started showing up at our door unannounced and uninvited in her bathingsuit and holding her towel, to swim in our pool, and then it ended for good when they had a lemonade stand out the front and she stole all the money; a bad example I didn’t want around my kids and that was the end of that!

My mother was mentioning the other day how it’s interesting that they grew up beside one another,close in age, but that their lives turned out so differently; that our girl has travelled to USA and Europe, ended up going off to university, and is moving to Japan in the summer to teach, yet the girl next door is going nowhere in her life and probably never will; the neighbours are rednecks and she ended up a single mother on welfare that probably doesn’t even know who the father of her baby even is.She never had a job(none of them work next door) or went to school. It’s strange how 2 people’s lives can intersect and how they can live side-by-side yet be so different  and how their lives can take such different paths.


As well,it bothers me that we can never afford to move back to Toronto(where I was happy) where the average house price is now 600 000$ (up from 425 000 $ from recently) and I just can’t see how ANYONE can afford it and it seems like we’re the only ones that are struggling, and my mother told me that she remembers when I was a kid that I didn’t like it when relatives tried to hug and kiss me and I wonder if it’s due to my Asperger’s or due to the fact that I just wasn’t used to physical affection because my mother and grandparents DIDN’T ever hug and kiss me so it made me uncomfortable when my aunts(who I only saw twice a YR; at Christmas and in the summer) tried to hug and kiss me, or perhaps even a combination of the two? I also feel detached from my marriage and disconnected from my family as well, and then again is it due to the fact that I grew up without affection and am “cold” as a result, due to Asperger’s(that makes people “stand-off-ish” and aloof) or because of the shabby way they mistreat me, or again, a combination?

I also got hassled on Facebook when a friend posted that they got a new puppy and I commented asking if they know what they’re getting in to as dogs are destructive and wreck your house and everyone ganged up on me( I guess the animal freaks were out in full force!) but they DO chew apart your furniture, tear up your carpeting, make a mess, are noisy,and pee and shit all over and are alot of trouble and alot of people are NOT aware of this ahead of time and end up in over their head!

I admire our new Pope, Pope Francis, as well, he really seems to be the Real Deal; a simple and humble man(and it’s not an “act”,either, as people who knew him from before said he’s always been like that) when a car came to fetch him for the celebratory dinner with the Cardinals after his election he refused it and took the bus with the others, he checked out of the Vatican hotel and insisted on paying his own bill and carried his own luggage, refused to stand on a podium when presented at the balcony to the crowd following his election and told the other Cardinals that he wanted to stand beside the Cardinals, equal to them and not elevated above them, rejected the fur cloak he was offered as Pope, and refused a limo and driver to his new Vatican apartment and instead opted for a small car instead.Hopefully he will cut the excesses at the Vatican as well, cut costs and spending and will eliminate those that are there to live like royalty and that want to live on Easy Street and only want the opulence and the perks, and instead will simplify things and  appoint those that want to serve; to serve God, the Church, and the people instead of themselves.