ArmyBuzzCut Our 15 YR old told me to “Go F*ck yourself!”(his excuse being that I’m “so annoying”) so I decided to not cut his hair(that he needed for Cadets) since I’m tired of being treated like that and he has to show some respect and has to learn that there’s consequences to talking to me like that and that if he treats me like that I don’t have to do things for him,either. I don’t have to put up with it, and he needs to learn a lesson so instead of me cutting his hair for free like I always do he had to go to the salon using his OWN $$$$ to pay for it AND they ended up cutting it alot shorter than he wanted(like the photo seen here) too! I may NOT be able to stop him from being mouthy(which my mother excuses as ” just his opinion”) but I CAN refuse to cut his hair as a result. When I was a kid and a teen I NEVER mouthed off or swore at my mother like that,and even now as an adult I still don’t call her names like “whore” or “c*nt” like he and the 18 YR old call me. No one should speak to their mother like that,period but they copy the way my mother and hubby treat me.

As well, the 5 YR old tried to stab the 11 YR old in the eye with a pen(there’s seriously something wrong with that kid!) and hid his “swear chart” and as always my mother blamed the 9 YR old; somehow when he’s bad it’s always someone else’s fault, never his, she always blames other people(she says THEY must have “started” it , “provoked” HIM or “set” HIM up),and she even got the 11 and 13 YR olds to side with her,too ,and they say that I’M “mean” to him and “emotionally abuse” him because I punish him,too! She also said we won’t be opening up the pool this YR until JULY( instead of May like usual) as it costs so much to run it (the water, chemicals, electricity,etc.) and we just can’t afford it now and the kids and I are devastated.

In the news they said the Finance Minister ordered a bank( who had lowered the mortgage rate) with a stern phone call to put it back UP again and they DID so now he’s under fire by the Opposition Parties, rightfully so, as it’s “Banana Republic” policies and more tactics of a fascist Police State; the gov’t should NOT be dictating to and meddling with banks and private business! This will only make home ownership even more unaffordable to even more people! If they want people to get out of debt what they should be doing is lowering taxes; we are one of the highest taxed countries in the world! Canada sucks! I wish I could move except I can’t afford it! USA also referred to Israel as their “closest ally” as well so what happened to us? I thought we were their closest ally? I guess they just kicked us to the ground, or else they’re “fair weather friends”, or just use people to their own advantage, and when they get what they want they just toss them aside and find someone else they can get something from?(In Israel’s case, likely an ally to wage war in the Middle East against the Muslims) Although, if I were them, I wouldn’t like us,either, though!