Polar Opposites.

NorthAndSouthPoles I’VE KNOWN WHAT IT’S LIKE…….

– To have lots and to have little.


– To be thin and to be fat.


– To have long hair and to be bald.


– To not have any kids and to have lots of kids.


– To not have any worries and to have nothing but worry.


– To not have to worry about money and to  struggle.


– To have a good friend and to be betrayed.


– To be in love and to be rejected(by the ones that I loved.)


– To be young and to be middle-aged.


– To have good health and to be in poor health.


– To do well in school and to do badly in school(math!)


– To be pale(in winter) and to be dark( in summer.)


– To have hope and to be hopeless.


– To be happy and to be devastated.


-To like where I’ve lived and to hate where I live.


– To be fearless and to live in fear.


– To love and to be unloved.



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