Fire(new) I commented on a site about how 17 YRS ago we barely made it out alive when our house caught fire(due to an electrical fire) but our dog wasn’t so lucky and died,and the others actually had the nerve to attack me and blame me saying I ‘m a shitty awful person for NOT going back in and saving my dog! I couldn’t BELIEVE it! Believe me, I REALLY let them “have” it! For one thing my main concern was saving my CHILDREN ( who were all asleep at the time as it was 11 pm at night) and at the time we had 6 young kids, age 7 and under, incl. a 3 week old baby.Fire spreads alot faster than you’d think and I had less than 2 minutes to get everyone out and even then I was already choking and felt my lungs constricting and squeezing  from the smoke, and flames shot out the back door at me and singed my eyelashes and hair! In less than 15 minutes half the house was gone. You really DON’T have much time; I’m not exaggerating!

When I look back, I also realize if I HAD gone back in(and they always tell you NOT to go back into a fire) to get the dog(which was asleep in the rec-room; the room next to where the fire started) the only exit out would have been blocked by then and I would have been trapped down there and wouldn’t have been able to get back out. I couldn’t bring the dog out with me the first time anyway(and the truth be told I completely forgot all about it I was so concerned about getting the kids out) as my arms were full of kids and I had to take 2 trips to get all the kids out and saving my kids was my first priority. I remember when I met the fire chief as I ran out of the burning house barefoot the first thing he said to me was, “Is anyone still inside?” and I told him,”No, but the dog’s still in there.” and he repeated,”Are there any PEOPLE inside?” and I said,”No.” The firemen’s main priority is saving people first, before animals, as it should be, and they’ll tell you that even if you have those “In case of fire, save my pet” decals on your windows that they just ignore them as their job is is to rescue people first, then pets. Pets(and possessions) can easily be replaced; people can’t.


I also got 2 shocking surprises as well: I haven’t got my MRI results yet so we called my doc’s office but the number is out of order so she’s moved so I did a Google search to see if I could find a new number to contact but instead I came across something I hadn’t counted on finding(and wish I hadn’t): I found out that both she and her husband lost their licenses in USA for malpractice(a patient even DIED!) for multiple misdeeds and that’s why they moved back here,and perhaps that’s why they suddenly “retired” now as well; their past caught up with them and they had to leave again? I’m so shocked! I really like her and have nothing but positive things to say about her! She’s the best doctor I’ve ever had and the only one who ever believed me and took me seriously about my headaches! So now I have no way to get my MRI results so I’m hoping the neurologist( I see in May) can get the report(and hopefully re-new my meds as well) from the hospital later,and now that also leaves me having to go thru the referral process with the Ministry of Health of having to find a new family doctor all over again as well, and that can take months!

As well, my cousin’s ex-wife posted on Facebook that she survived “domestic abuse” YRS ago and it stunned me! I had no idea! I can’t believe he’d do that to her,esp. since he doesn’t even drink, and he was always nice to me( but maybe he wasn’t nice to her?) and I just thought she’d left him( and their 3 kids, back in the 80’s) because she was young and overwhelmed and just couldn’t do it anymore; I didn’t know that he beat her up! None of us knew,and everyone was always so judgemental to her,too, saying she was a “bad” mother for leaving her kids! I feel so sad( and so angry at him for beating her!)for her,and it just goes to show that none of us ever really knows what secretly goes on behind closed doors in people’s families and in their personal private lives. No one knows what his brother did to me when I was a kid, either,(and they probably wouldn’t believe it) and no one knows that my family emotionally abuses me  and how miserable I am now,either. So many people live in darkness and misery and no one has any idea, not even their own family,neighbours,and friends.Everyone has their secrets and their secret lives they hide from the world,incl. my doctor, my cousins,and even myself.

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