The Guardian.

TheGuardian I read “The Guardian” the latest in Beverly Lewis’ Amish-themed novels. It was good( as they always are) and this one was about the two worlds that inter-sected: the Amish and the “English”. It begins with Sarah, a little Amish girl who falls out of her family’s horse drawn buggy undetected one dark night and goes missing where she is later found by Jodi, an “Englischer” teacher who is engaged to be married, who’s fiance Trent is teaching in Japan for a YR and who is staying at her cousin’s house temporarily nearby Amish country.

Jodi tends to the little girl’s wounds and discovers by her German-sounding language that she must be Amish and returns her to her community, where she is welcomed by her mother Maryanna, a widow with 4 children, and her grateful family and community.Her husband Benuel had been killed in a farming accident 3 YRS ago and she has been raising her kids on her own. Jodi has also recently lost her beloved sister Karen to cancer and due to that has vowed never to have children of her own, afraid to love and to lose all over again, which has become a sore issue between her and her fiance, who wants kids. She also has lost her love and faith in God due to her sister’s death and her prayer life and faith has suffered as a result.

Jodi is welcomed into the Amish community where she bonds with Sarah and her family, is endeared to their simple,family-oriented, faith-filled ways which challenge her shaken faith and views of children, and keeps she returning for visits and is later surprised when the bishop asks her to take on a temporary teaching position at the Amish schoolhouse for 2 months which she accepts. Maryanna, meanwhile,had been content on her own but then was shown that her children needed a father figure and later has 2 suitors, “Turkey Dan” a widower with kids and Joshua, also a widower(who also happens to be her neighbour and was a close friend of her husband)who’s wife died in childbirth, along with their first child, a YR ago. At first she didn’t think she liked Joshua; she found him irritating as she couldn’t stand his pets, thinking they were a bothersome nuisance and that animals should live outside, but when the widow Ida started showing interest in him she started to see him in a different way….

The book ended with 2 weddings and a baby on the way, but I won’t spoil it and say WHO…..if you want to find out you’ll have to read the book! 🙂