Holy Thursday.

HolyThursday(new) Today is Holy Thursday, the day Jesus ate The Last Supper with His Apostles, the Passover meal,and when He introduced the first Holy Eucharist, giving them His Body and Blood, “Take this all of you and eat it, do this in memory of Me.” It is also the time He washed their feet showing them an example of what service is, telling them to go out and do likewise. Shortly after the Last Supper they went out to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray where they were approached by soldiers and Jesus was betrayed by Judas by a kiss and He was arrested and taken away for what was to be a 9 HR trial leading up to His crucifixion on the Cross.


As well, the girl next door brought her almost 3-week old baby over and he’s sooooo cute and I had forgotten how small they are! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a newborn; our youngest just turned 6!  They also said they had to get rid of their dog as it was getting jealous and aggressive( they’ve gone thru even more dogs than WE have!!) and I’m worried our 15 YR old’s leukemia might be back(he’s been in remission for 8 YRS now) as he had body aches a couple of days ago and the other night he fell asleep at 7 pm! If it were any of the other kids I’d just think they were tired or getting a virus but with him it’s always there; the fear of possibility gnawing at me, lurking in the back of my head,like a dark cloud always hanging over me…..