Easter Sunday!!

Easter(new) Today is Easter Sunday.It is the holiest day of the YR. It is NOT about bunnies, eggs, chicks,ducks, or chocolates. It is about Jesus’ Resurrection. He is risen from the dead. Alleluia!! A day of glorious celebration, eternal hope,and renewal.

It was funny at the Easter Vigil Mass last night,too: an old guy forgot to turn off his cell phone and right in the middle of church it rang  loud and clear and the ring tone was the song “Super Freak” and everyone cracked up laughing! Today the kids got their chocolates in their baskets(but we don’t do the “Easter Bunny” thing though) and the 9 YR old told the 11 YR old”Don’t expect too much this YR though with this economy!!”, looked for foil covered eggs we had hidden around the house and went on a scavenger hunt. We also have a big dinner(our “Easter Feaster!”) in the dining room complete with a cake baked in a cross shape for Jesus.