Confession(new) CONFESSIONS:

– My grandparents and several of my cousins were/are racist whereas I am the complete opposite.

-I hate horoscopes(because they’re occult) and whenever I see them in magazines I always quickly turn the page and skip right over them.

-When there’s celebs I’ve never heard of it almost always ends up to either be someone really old from before my time, someone from some stupid reality TV show like The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of NY/NJ/Beverly Hills, etc. or some redneck sports or country music star.

– I was a virgin for my hubby.

– My first flight was on American Airlines.

– Ever since the E Coli outbreak we now refuse to buy Canadian beef anymore and only buy imported but it’s hard to find so we don’t eat much beef.

– I’ve gained 60 pounds since I was 21.

– I’ve read the tabloids(my guilty pleasure!) ever since I was a teen as I like entertainment and celeb news and I like to temporarily  “escape” into their glamorous world.

– One thing I actually like about living out in the country is the sound of crickets, and the smell of milkweed and wildflowers after it rains.

-The only thing I like about Canada is the change of seasons.

– The best YR of my life was when I was 11.

– I used to have a crush on Paul McCartney.

– The guy I loved and hoped to marry ended up to be gay….just my luck!

– I like the sound of buzzing wires in the heat of summer.

– I bite my nails.

– I took gymnastics for 16 YRS starting from age 4.

– I love to read but hate e-books as nothing can replace the feel and smell of a paperback book!

– I don’t own a cell phone, iPod, etc. or any of those high-tech gadgets; the only thing I have is my desktop computer.

– On the nightly TV news I pause redneck sports on the PVR so I can fast-forward right  thru it and skip past it.

– My fave. house style is old-fashioned Victorian brick.

– What I want the most,and my greatest wish and dream is to go back to the past and the life I used to have, to leave this country that I hate, to get a Chihuahua like I used to have, and to move out on my own and live my own life.

– I like it when guys have grey hair around their temples and little lines around their eyes and mouth; I think it looks sexy and debonair.

Funny Money.

PolymerMoney We now have new polymer money(like they’ve had in Australia for YRS) in circulation; the 5,10, 20,50,and 100 dollar bills and people here actually thought that the new 100 dollar bills were-get this- scratch ‘n sniff maple syrup scented! They’re even dumber than I thought! I mean, how STUPID can people possibly BE? This country is killing me,too I hate it here so much; it’s like every day rolling a huge boulder up a mountain and then it rolls back down again and I have to keep rolling it back up repeated daily,and on and on it goes, day after day after day.It’s sucking the life out of me. I’m just “spent”, and it’s sad that I realized that the last time I was happy was the summer of 1988; I’ve HAD good days and happy moments but it’s NOT the same thing as actually BEING happy.That’s 25 YRS that I haven’t been happy….more than HALF my LIFE!! It concerned me as well that the 18 YR old gave alot of his stuff away to the other kids as I’ve heard when someone’s planning on committing suicide they give their stuff away and so I asked him about it and he said he just cleaned his room and gave away stuff he no longer uses so I hope that’s just it, the 10 YR old saw chow mein and goes,”That’s Mama’s friend!” and I told her, “No, that’s Fong Ming!” and I often have Chihuahua dreams because I really want one,but I’m also prego in alot of my dreams lately,too,even though I have no desire to be in real life so I wonder if maybe it’s “symbolic” of a new beginning and a change in my life coming up, perhaps?

People on a site I was on were saying how “slut shaming” is wrong as well but I agree with it; if people are going to be whores they *should* be called out on it and if they’re embarrassed and don’t want people to know then they must KNOW what they’re doing is wrong and then they shouldn’t BE doing it in the first place,and it enrages me as well how society hails the military as “our nation’s ‘heroes'” when they invade other countries and kill innocent civilians; that is NOT a “hero’; the definition of a hero is someone who risks their own life or even dies to SAVE another person’s life;NOT someone who KILLS another person! It’s the complete opposite!

I was shocked and horrified as well to hear on the news Scotland is trying to pass a law that all children from birth are given a gov’t “minder” ; a social worker assigned to them to over-see them and keep tabs on them, incl. unannounced surprise visits,making sure they raise their kids the way the gov’t sees fit, like a Stasi Police State, and in the UK some families are ordered by the gov’t to have survellience cameras installed into their homes so that the Big Brother gov’t can spy on them,ready to swoop down and snatch their kids away at the slightest disapproval(they even consider shouting at your kids to be “bullying” and “abuse”) and the Green agenda also brainwashed kids and society to such an extent it has schools telling kids to inform on their parents if they aren’t recycling “properly”; like in Nazi Germany where neighbours and family members turned eachother in to the authorities, and it’s all part of the new social engineering that kids no longer belong to their parents and their families but belong collectively to the State. This is so Orwellian  it’s terrifying and people will resort to having,raising,and teaching children “underground” where they won’t be reg’d ,seen, or known by the authorities, in order to have their autonomy, safety and freedom.

Infamous abortionist Dr. Henry Morgentaler also died(he was 90; why do the most evil people,such as the Nazi war criminals,for example, seem to live the longest,anyway?) and I hope he burns in Hell for killing babies! On the news they hailed him like some kind of “hero”, calling him a “crusader” of women’s rights,saying he “helped women”,etc. when he was a murderer, plain and simple;he killed selfish bitches’ babies for a living and he was proud of it and had no remorse; he was an evil little man and I’m sure there’s a special place reserved in Hell for monsters like him! He even got The Order of Canada,too which is disgraceful(so now it’s lost any meaning); they’re awarding it to killers, now,too?(What, give it to Paul Bernardo,next?)He survived the concentration camps of WWII as well and now the evil cretin will have a reunion with the Nazis once again, only this time in Hell!

A 25 YR old was also charged with First-Degree murder in the death of her newborn: she hid her pregnancy and secretly gave birth, killed her baby and dumped it in a Dumpster like trash(when so many people are infertile and would give anything for a baby!!) and they only found out as her mother brought her to the hospital(I guess she was hemmoraging,and too bad she didn’t bleed to death; it would have served her right for killing her baby!)and the exam shown she’d just given birth but they were suspicious as there was no baby so the hospital called the police.What kind of person DOES something like that? She’s 25 YRS old and old enough to be able to raise a baby; I mean, it’s not like she was 13 YRS old or something(it still wouldn’t excuse it, but you’d understand the panic and fear more) and it doesn’t make sense; she already went thru the pregnancy and the birth, so why not just give the baby up for adoption(and if she’d decided she didn’t want it right from the beginning why didn’t she abort it? not that it’s right,either)If she didn’t want to get prego then she should have kept her legs shut! Maybe she didn’t want her parents to know since she still lives at home?(Well, they sure know now!)Life in prison is too good for her.

The Ford Scandal.

RobFord Yesterday was embattled mayor Rob Ford’s 44 th birthday. I hope his family took him out somewhere nice and that he had a good day as he really needs a break because he’s been thru alot lately. The scandal about him being seen on a video supposedly smoking crack cocaine( which hasn’t been verified and has only been seen by 3 reporters)just keeps getting worse and worse. After 8 days of silence , being harrassed by the media and pressured to give a statement he finally spoke and addressed the allegations denying them saying he doesn’t smoke crack,isn’t addicted to crack,and that the video doesn’t exist. I’m glad he finally made a statement as by ignoring it and refusing to answer it just made him look guilty like he was trying to hide but he explained that he wasn’t saying anything on advice of his lawyer.

Since then he fired his chief of staff and his his press secretary and  hisdeputy press secretary have also both resigned. As for the chief of staff it’s rumoured the reason behind the dismissal is that he advised him to go to rehab for “substance abuse” and that he was told by an aide of the mayor where the video was and due to that he went to the police and they interviewed him but he didn’t tell the mayor and he felt betrayed. Another man in the video was also killed and people believe it may be due to the video and that is now being investigated as well. The seller of the video(a drug dealer) asked 200 000$ for it which has since been raised but is now unable to be located, presumably he’s in hiding, making people wonder if the video in question will now ever surface but people are saying that the Ford family has bought the video in order to destroy evidence. The Deputy Mayor( a close ally of Ford) also commented that he believes that the video DOES exist but that it may be “doctored” in some way(Ford himself denies that such a video even exists at all) and that he hopes it’s released and reviewed by the police and that the truth will be revealed either way; that either we find out if it really was the mayor or that it was a fake, so at least people will know either way and all this can finally be put to rest.

The latest allegations in another newspaper are about Ford’s brother city counciller Doug, that he sold drugs back in the 1980’s, which he denies and a policeman from back in the day said he never had any knowledge of his name being brought up then during the drug days, and the “sources” for the story  are 10 anonymous drug dealers and drug users, not exactly the most reliable, credible sources. I think it’s a just a smear campaign on the Ford family, to be honest. They’re been attacked relentlessly for the longest time,starting with the mayor and now moving on his brother and if I were them and it turns out none of this is true I’d sue them for slander and defamation. At first you just try to ignore it and hope it goes away(like with bullying) but this has gone on for too long now and is just getting out of hand and gone too far. Even if it is true about Doug selling drugs 30 YRS ago, what does that have to do with his job as city counciller NOW? People can change and that’s in the past.

I don’t know what to think anymore; if it really is him in the video or not. I think there is a video but until it’s seen and verified who knows, but what I DO know if that the Fords are unfairly being viciously attacked and the mayor is being pressured to resign and we don’t even have proof or know all the facts yet and have yet to see the video and have it verified. I have always been a Ford supporter and he’s a good mayor and done so much good for the city I hope he doesn’t get forced out. It would be a shame if they finally win; if after all the attacks on him if they succeed in getting rid of him.

Breaking Amish Brave New World # 3.

BraveNewWorld#3 I record the show late Sunday night, watch it Monday,and don’t get around to posting it until today in case you were wondering:

In episode 3, the group mentions they’ve had a rough road trip and hope they’ll have a new start in Sarasota(Florida). They stop off at a “haunted” town in Georgia along the way and have a “ghost” adventure, where Jeremiah says the Amish don’t approve as it’s evil and that “ghosts” are actually demons and that people don’t realize they’re communicating with demons(which is true),and Sabrina and Kate aren’t comfortable with it( with good reason!) as it opens the door to the occult and invites demon possession(true) and they were nervous about it and avoided it but Jeremiah likes witchcraft which Sabrina called devil worship and said she believes in God and avoids the occult and questioned him about it and he replied that she was being “judgemental” when she said it’s wrong to look for demons and Rebecca said it freaks her out.

Abe’s mother also got a call from her Amish bishop when she and her daughter Katie Anne left  for Florida(they had a driver drive them there as Amish don’t drive cars) to go after Abe and he was upset that she left her husband behind saying what if he died while she was away, trying to lay a guilt trip on her, but she invited him to come along with them but he refused,and she said she knows she’ll be punished but isn’t sure how, and they didn’t tell Abe they were coming to visit as they know he’ll be mad and will just surprise him, and as they stopped in Maryland to eat people were rudely staring and gawking at them, the group stopped off at a parade with jazz music and when they asked what it was for they were told “Martin Luther King” but had no idea who he was(again displaying their sad lack of history) so they asked a local who told them and Jeremiah quipped that he “should liberate the Amish people,too”(I love the funny sayings he comes up with!) and that the Amish only ever get 2-3 days off a YR for holidays.

Rebecca commented that the RV wasn’t exactly a good place to have a honeymoon and Sabrina said that Mennonite and Amish guys  don’t know alot about sex and that “English” guys are better to which Kate agreed and they howled and  cracked up laughing, but Jeremiah replied that “Not all guys put up with girls that are wild in bed” like her, and they finally arrived in Florida, relieved,loving it,  hoping for a new beginning and that the Amish community there would accept and welcome them but Kate worried that they wouldn’t accept them. Jeremiah didn’t arrange a place to stay ahead of time so Abe called him a “dickhead” as he didn’t plan ahead and his reply was he didn’t tell them as if he did they wouldn’t have come down(lame excuse) and just hopes that someone’s friendly and will let them stay with them but the Amish gave him the “cold shoulder” because he goes to bars and clubs and lives a sinful worldly life and now they’re glaring at them, staring, and they feel awkward and like outsiders, and they talked to the Amish but no one wanted to talk to them and weren’t welcoming to them as their reputation preceeded them and they disrespected the Amish before; in the show before they trash-talked them,and I think also due to the fact that not just because they LEFT the Amish but that they also live immoral lives.

Abe’s mother’s son David phoned her as well and asked her if she’s going thru with it(going to Florida) and told her to not come home and that she’s no longer welcome in his home which broke her heart,making her hurt, angry, and sad that her own son would “disown” her like that, and no one would rent the group a house(as they’re all Amish-owned) and didn’t want to associate with them but Kate finally found someone who would rent to her and they got a large furnished 3 bedroom house with a big yard. They went to the beach and met up with 2 ex-Amish guys from Ohio who knew Jeremiah and didn’t like him and Kate said he’s not surprised that he has alot of haters but he said they can kiss his ass, and Abe was upset that Rebecca was talking to other guys and went off on his own for awhile and she said that they haven’t been communicating or have enough time for eachother.

Jeremiah’s girlfriend Kym also dropped in for a visit upsetting Sabrina who thought they broke up as that’s what Jeremiah had told her and she said he lied to her but he said that he still has feelings for Kym and that it was “complicated”,and Kym said that Sabrina was “obsessed” with him and confronted her ,calling her a “whore” to which she replied that she didn’t have to worry; that they were just friends and that she’d leave if there was a problem,and he said no one has to leave and Kym accused him of defending her so he told them to work it out and he left, not wanting to get involved,and Kym yelled she doesn’t want Sabrina anywhere near him and he deserves better as the fight escalated, she called her a “‘ho” and she told Kym,”At least I’m not the one who has a disease!” and she replied,”I’m clean now! I got it treated!”(I guess the skank had herpes or some other whore disease?) and it carried on into the yard where the yelling intensified and reduced Sabrina to tears where Kym mocked her and called her a crybaby,bringing Kate to her defence, hugging her and consoling her and telling Kym to leave her alone. Kym came across as a real low-class mean, crass slutty, white trash bully! What a piece of work!


I have a Mennonite Facebook friend that lives in Sarasota interestingly, but she’s a good and proper Mennonite and she’d be horrified and disgusted by the sinful disgraceful way these people behave; worse than alot of “worldly” non-Amish people, and it’s interesting as well how some of them still hold on to some of their Amish values but completely disregard others: Kate shuns the occult yet has no problem getting drunk, Sabrina stays away from the occult but gets drunk and sleeps around, Rebecca doesn’t like alcohol but smokes and committed adultery(there were earlier reports that she cheated on her first husband with Abe) Abe said he doesn’t like drunks yet he was arrested previously on public drunkenness, and Jeremiah does practically every sin you can think of!