29 July, 1979.

Beagle I still remember the date: 29 July, 1979. It was when I got my first dog. I was 12, or to be precise, 12 1/2. It was a Beagle, similar to the one pictured here. It was the first and only dog I got at the animal shelter( after that I always got them at breeder’s or pet stores). They refused to sell us a young puppy as no one would be at home after the summer( I was in school and my mother worked all day) so we got a 6 month old I named “Sybil”. We lived in an apartment at the time although we were moving into our first house the very next month so even when someone snitched on us to the landlord that we had a dog and they threatened us to either get rid of the dog or be evicted we told them we didn’t care as we were moving out the next month,anyway. Sybil was a very troublesome dog once left home alone, however; it chewed thru our furniture, electrical wires, phone wires, etc. and eventually turned aggressive and attacked me: when I had a friend over it got jealous I was spending time with my friend instead of with it and it bit me in my back hard, leaving 4 deep puncture wounds and bleeding so that was the end of Sybil. I only had it for about a YR until I got my first Chihuahua Teeniea, who I had for several YRS and only had to get rid of when we moved out of the country. I still remember 29 July 1979 well though, even after all this time as getting my first dog was very special to me as I’d always wanted a dog,just as I want to get another Chihuahua now but my mother and hubby refuse.I hate living under their subjection all the time and I feel powerless and like a prisoner in my own home. I am not treated like an equal and I have no rights, no say, and my wants and needs are just ignored,dismissed, don’t matter, aren’t considered,and I’m treated like a second-class citizen by my own family.

As well, we opened our pool but it took HRS and we still couldn’t get the pump working and couldn’t figure out why and then realized we’d forgotten to remove one of the plugs in one of the skimmers and then just the very next day the water turned all green! It was ok at 6am but by 8 am it was all green like we have algae already so we put in 2 jugs of “shock” (liquid chlorine), stabilizer, and backwashed it twice hoping it’ll clear it up. We wonder if perhaps it was the old water from last YR left over in the pump filter that’s flushed thru the system when we turned the pump on that’s made it all green in the new water this YR? It happened last YR as well shortly after we opened it up for the season.We ALWAYS have soooo much trouble with it every YR! We also had our annual After School Party with games and activities, gifts, a pinata, and a BBQ, and everyone had lots of fun! Today the 17 YR old also leaves for camp( for 7 WKS) and next weekend the 15 YR old leaves(for 6 WKS) and the 14 YR old(for 3 WKS.)

A Jehovah’s Witness also brought over magazines while I was sitting out on the veranda and he was a nice old man and we had a good  conversation and he seemed surprised and almost grateful  that I was nice to him; I guess he’s used to people being rude and slamming their doors in his face or something, and when I went to shave my head this morning I noticed my mirror was gone(I need it to see the back of my head) and none of the kids would say who took it or what happened to it and I know SOMEBODY did it as it doesn’t just walk off on it’s own, so someone either used it and didn’t put it back or they broke it and hid it somewhere and this is exactly WHY I DON’T let them use my stuff because they always do this; they never put things back and then I can never find them when I need it! I certainly didn’t need this first thing in the morning,either; to start my day off like that,and they’re always disrespecting my things,too, and then wonder why I get  mad! I also wonder if the reason all my traumas have left me so broken and shattered beyond repair is because I’m so sensitive; that people who are stronger and more resilient bounce back better and can recover with lesser damage but sensitive souls(like me) just don’t have the strength and  reserves to withstand it? I’m like a broken bird.

Vegas Show Girl…..Or Grade 6 Graduation Dress?

SluttyDress Judge for yourself: Would YOU let your 12 YR old daughter wear THIS to her grade 6 graduation? Do you think this is appropriate for a CHILD to look like this? I don’t even think it’s right for a grade 8 graduation or even a highschool prom, let alone for a 12 YR old! This is a photo of my cousin’s 12 YR old dressed for her grade 6 graduation(I cut off her face, which was also heavily made up with make up by the way, for privacy reasons) and I think she looks like a Vegas show girl. This is just soooo wrong on so many levels. This is the kind of dress you’d expect to see at a Vegas Revue show; strapless, super-short, sequined, glittery,and tacky, not on a CHILD. Also note the gaudy tulle train and that she’s wearing high heels. She looks at least 10 YRS older. Sooooo inappropriate. Why are kids so eager to try to grow up way too fast? It’s a pedophile’s dream,sexualizing children. These are the kinds of girls that end up pregnant in their teens. They should be allowed to just be kids! I was so shocked and sickened when I saw this picture on my cousin’s Facebook page I felt sick to my stomach,and the comments were equally sickening as well saying how “beautiful” she was when in reality she looks like a little hooker or stripper.I STILL wouldn’t dress like that even now, as an adult!

Freedom Fighter.

EdwardSnowden This is Edward Snowden. He is an American who worked as a gov’t contractor and disclosed what the National Security Agency was doing on American citizens and citizens of other countries; how they were spying on them invading their privacy, rights,and freedoms by spying on their phone conversations, e-mails and other InterNet activities, exposing their Big Brother tactics,exposing the truth that they tried to keep secret and hidden, and now he’s in hiding as they label him a “traitor”, a “spy”, a “terrorist”, an “enemy of the State”, etc. He was in Hong Kong and the USA ordered them to extradite him to face criminal charges but they refused(good for them!) and he disappeared and is said to be seeking asylum in Ecuador. I think he’s a freedom fighter and did a public service and I pray he gets safe refuge and won’t ever be caught,extradicted, arrested, jailed, or killed. He’s a hero and should get a medal!

Now USA is ordering all countries that he might seek sanctuary or passage thru to extradite him and  to not accept him, but who do they think they ARE,anyway? Who are they to dictate to sovereign nations who they can and cannot accept into their own countries? Who made THEM boss,anyway? They appointed themselves to be the Policeman of the World and their haughtiness and sheer arrogance just astounds me! No WONDER everyone hates them! Now they even have the sheer nerve to order Ecuador that if they do give him refuge that they’ll cancel the trade/tariff  agreement they had with them but luckily it’s not working; the President of Ecuador is having none of it and refuses to be blackmailed and stood up to their bullying and threats and said they won’t be intimidated and decided that THEY ‘LL cancel the agreement themselves then and stated they’ll accept who they WANT into their own country, thank you very much, based on their own sovereignty and NOT based on threats or coercion; that they won’t be dictated to or told what to do by USA, and that their dignity cannot be bought! Good for them,and it’s about time that  someone stood up to USA! They’re just bullies! As for Snowden, I hope he exposes even more gov’t corruption and that he remains elusive to their capture. He’s the new folk hero, the new David VS Goliath and he has the public on his side!


As well, we got the water delivered for the pool; 51 000 litres and it took 3 truck fill-ups( it filled half the pool as it was already half full) and cost 375$, I was out on the veranda at the front and 2 drunken rednecks walked by with Buzz-cuts and one shouted out to me,”Hey! You’re even balder than me!” and I said to him,”You’re my bald brother from another mother!” and they cracked up laughing and staggered off down the street, the 17 YR old got an “A” on her online university course psychology exam, and celeb chef Paula Deen has lost all her sponsors due to an offensive racial slur that she used decades ago(and it’s a word that in all honesty most people HAVE used at one point in their lifetimes) which I don’t think is fair; everyone makes mistakes(and she did apologize for it) and it was in the past, so why not just let it go? What about forgiveness and second chances? It’s not right to destroy someone’s entire career and everything they’ve worked hard for just over ONE mistake. Personally I can’t stand racism myself but I also don’t think it’s right to destroy a person and their reputation and livelihood over an offensive word. People are too sensitive nowadays and Political Correctness has gone waaaay too far!

My cousin letting her 12 YR daughter dress like a slut continues to get out of hand,too: I saw a photo she proudly displayed on her Facebook page of her grade 6 graduation and it disgusted me: she looked like a Vegas showgirl: she was wearing high heels, and a micro mini pink sequin strapless dress with a pink tulle train and heavy make-up! She didn’t look 12, that’s for sure! It’s awful! She’s growing up way too fast and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up pregnant by the time shes’ 13! It shocks me even more as my cousin WASN’T raised like that(she was brought up in a good Christian home) so it’s shocking that she’s raising her kids that way and it’s disgraceful, and my mother was making grilled cheese for everyone, except for me,that is, and when I asked where mine was she snickered, “Oh, I didn’t know YOU wanted one! You didn’t SAY you did!” but why would she make it for everyone else except me?She just left me out on purpose. Yet another example of how she purposely likes to get in these little “digs” at me, and the kids said in a few YRS when more of the kids have moved out my hubby said we can get a dog and my mother said she doesn’t want one and I reminded her (about my hubby and I) that it’s OUR family and OUR house so WE have the final say and NOT her, and as for my wanting a Chihuahua now WHY is it that my hubby has the ultimate say though,anyway? Why is it that he always gets to over-rule me and make the final decision? Why is it that I have no authority even in my own house and over my own life and always have to submit to what he and my mother want? I’m 46 YRS old and if I want a dog now(esp. when I have the $$$ saved up to buy one) I should be able to GET one whether THEY like it or not!!

The Chips.

Chips My meddling mother is at it once again. I found out that she’s still sneaking the older kids chips during the night when they watch their TV shows and that they don’t have to save any for the younger kids, yet when the rest of us have OURS once a week we always make sure to save ours for them, so basically some of the kids have it twice a week while others only do once a week and it’s not fair and it’s not right and I’ve been thru this with her before(and told her to stop) and she’s still going behind my back. Her excuse is that the younger kids are asleep when the older ones have the chips but that just doesn’t “fly” as when we have ours(in the morning) the older ones are sleeping in but we always still save some for them, and then she sneered, “Life’s NOT fair!” and I told her, “That’s NOT good enough! You’re going to have to come up with something better than that!” then she tries to “twist” it around onto me(like she always does) and says I’M “making a big ‘deal’ out of it” and that it’s “only chips” but it’s NOT only chips and it’s not ABOUT chips; it’s about HER always over-stepping boundaries with MY kids, sneaking around behind my back,  always over-ruling and under-mining me and playing favourites and not being fair,and I told her that I WON’T have it in my own home,and they’re MY kids and I have final say, NOT her. Of course my hubby refused to get involved(in our “little squabbles” as he calls them) but for ONCE I would like someone to back me up, to have someone on my side and to support me, but I think he’s afraid of her and doesn’t have the “balls” to stand up to her, but we should be united when it comes to the kids and he shouldn’t let her take over and upsurp my discipline like this and come in-between our family.  He needs to tell her to back off. His “solution” is to not let anyone have chips,too,so NO ONE gets them, whereas mine is to make everyone just share and be fair, and if they have to have extras for their shows then to buy it using their OWN $$$$ as that’s what allowances are for but “communally” bought snacks are for everyone, not just a select few,and what some have, everyone gets. Fair is fair.

My mother interfered again as well by saying that our annual After School Party was switched to today when my hubby(who plans out the activities) said no such thing and she never even checked with him first(she just decided on her own),and she even told some of the kids that the plans were changed(and got them all excited) and told me as well and then the 15 YR old comes up and asks me and I told him what I was told but also added that I’m never incl. in any decision-making so to go and ask them to clarify and my hubby said that, no, it wasn’t and was still on for Saturday like originally planned,but of course he never confronted HER about it, leaving her to continue on her merry way, to keep on inserting herself into our decisions and discipline and I wish she’d move out into her OWN place but she refuses to and says if I don;t like it then *I* can move out and I wish I COULD but with my Asperger’s and my limits due to it I can’t survive on my own. I’m just sick of her and her meddling.She’s even turned my own kids against me,too.

As well, my hubby also commented(when I said the kids want a dog) that “Dogs are alot of trouble” but so are kids,too, and we still have them, and the 17 YR old’s so weird that she won’t let ANYONE touch her(she won’t even let her friends hug her!) and if they DO she’ll actually WIPE it OFF like they have “cooties” (there’s definitely SOMETHING wrong with her!)  and the kids had 3 friends over at once and at first (with all the kids we always have here,anyway) I didn’t even notice there were 3 extra until I saw 3 run past me that I didn’t recognize and then I knew they weren’t ours, and the water truck is supposed to deliver the water to fill our pool(which was drained half-way for the winter) later today(last YR when it was drained completely for repair and it got filled up the entire way it cost 1000$) and  actor James Gandolfini was buried(1500 people came to his funeral!)yesterday and I read lots of touching tributes online for him and I hope that he can “see” all the nice things that people said about him and knows he was loved by so many people, whereas when I die I’ll be lucky if anyone even cares.

Disaster Zone!

AlbertaFlood The recent flooding in Alberta is the worst ever, even in areas that are used to flooding. Calgary, Canmore, apty-named High River and other areas were hit hard between rivers overflowing their banks and torrential rain water flooded several communities and over 100 000 people were forced to evacuate their homes at moments notice,with water ranging from waist-high to 6 feet high. There were mud slides and houses were even washed away. Our oldest moved to Calgary to find work(as Alberta’s economy is the best in the country and has the highest employment rate. Ontario used to be a prosperous province but the Liberals have destroyed it and turned it into a have-not province now)after graduating university(Business degree) on a Wednesday and the flooding hit the very next day on the Thursday but luckily didn’t affect the area he was in; he was just at the cut-off point! It got so bad in the affected areas that a state of emergency was called and people moved into emergency shelters and the army was even sent in to evacuate.They now estimate it’ll take up to 10 YRS to rebuild!

What gets me is that the gov’t FORCED people to evacuate even when they didn’t want to telling them that they’d be arrested if not, more heavy-handed Police State Big Brother tactics this country is becoming increasingly known for. I think they should have had the freedom to decide on their own; they should have informed them of the risk and advised them it would be BEST to evacuate and tell them that they wouldn’t be responsible for them if they didn’t and that if they stay they do so at their own risk, but forcing them isn’t right and I can understand why they wouldn’t want to leave their homes until they’re sure, and they might also be afraid once they leave that their homes would be looted.(and with the disaster people were cheating and defrauding flood victims as well,and jacking up prices of hard-to-find basic necessities and services, taking advantage of it) It was sad as well to see that even once the danger passed that the authorities were slow in letting people back into their homes even to assess the damage(they couldn’t move back as they had no electricity and no gas, plus the homes were destroyed by the water that needed to be pumped out and the homes have to either be repaired or rebuilt) and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover it,either; only flooding due to sewer backup( and Canada is the ONLY G8 country that doesn’t have overland flooding insurance coverage so once again this country falls short, no surprise here!!) so renters are the better off; they don’t have property to lose or expenses to pay but people that own their homes are just basically fucked!

It just breaks my heart to see those poor people that have lost everything and will never have the $$$$ to be able to replace,repair, or rebuild. What are they going to DO? Where will they live? How will they ever afford to buy another house when insurance doesn’t pay? No one HAS that kind of $$$$ (that’s what insurance is for!) seeing those images on the news just makes you cry and it’s so widespread,too, affecting so many people. I remember how hard it was for us to rebuild our lives after our fire but at least we had insurance. I can’t even begin to imagine this.It was nice to see communities coming together volunteering to help eachother in a time of crisis but I feel so badly for them.


As well, my hubby snickered to me,”Can you say something NICE about Canada?”(I’ll say something nice about it when it gives me a REASON to say something nice about it!) and I told him,”The only GOOD things to come out of this country are Terry Fox and poutine!” He has no idea though and nothing to compare it to as he’s only been to USA but I’ve been to 33 countries and know what else is out there, It just royally sucks ,falls behind and is lacking in so many ways,and I even heard on the news that kids are now often giving teachers alcohol to teachers as  end-of-school gifts which is soooo inappropriate and wrong! This country has just embraced, promoted, encouraged,and glorified the booze culture so much that it’s just become a normal everyday part of life and  it’s disgraceful and embarrassing and it disgusts me! I also commented how the military are NOT “heroes” as they kill innocent civilians overseas and they’re nothing more than gov’t sanctioned paid murderers for the State and the 17 YR old walked out of the RM, so I guess she’s  successfully still been indoctrinated by the world that teaches military worship(along with preaching the gay agenda,Enviro- Green dogma,feminism, and Political Correctness)despite my best efforts to counter-act it.