Math Retard.

MathSucksI am a math moron. Ever since grade 4 (when multiplication started) I struggled with math. I just can’t do it. In high school I failed grade 9 and 10 math and had to repeat both years. I felt like such an idiot. My grade 9 and 10 math teachers made a laughingstock out of me too; in front of the class they’d call me up to the blackboard to work out questions( knowing I couldn’t) and would mock me and call me names(even jeering,”Don’t you know it? Do you know your name? Do you know anything?”) when I couldn’t figure it out, reducing me to tears, humiliating me.
I am now 46 YRS old and to this day I STILL can’t do basic math. I need a calculator, and in restaurants I can’t figure out the tip and need whoever is with me to figure it out and it makes me feel so dumb. I still don’t know my 8, 9, and 12 times-tables, and I am convinced I have part of my brain that does math missing although I had MRI’s of my brain done(for other reasons) and they didn’t mention anything so I guess not although abnormalities did show up on the scan so maybe that might also explain why I have always struggled with math my entire life as well?
All my other subjects in school I always did well; high 80’s and 90’s. If it weren’t for math bringing my average down(I got 35% in math) I would have been on the Honour Roll every YR of high school. I was only on it my graduating YR as I didn’t have math that YR. Math has always been the bane of my existence.I just can’t for the life of me figure it out.

I posted the above on a site for those that hate and struggle with math. I curse the ancient Greeks for inventing it in the first place!


As well, we safely got thru May without any major catastrophes(something bad always happens in May) with the only bad things happening was  a trip to the ER with the 18 YR old thinking he broke his foot and a visit to a clinic with the 6 YR old with his infected “willy”, it was raining men(hallelujah!) yesterday; they were falling from the sky: paratroopers were jumping out of a helicopter above our house….but we weren’t able to catch any(we just got a photo) or keep any though and our oldest skydives too,although just for fun, and as I type this he’s on a train on his way here to visit us,and he had to throw his bedsheets in the garbage as his bag was overweight and they were going to charge him 25$ and he didn’t have the $$$$. Being poor really sucks! It was 27 C with a humidex of 36 C too and it would have been nice if the pool was open(so we could cool down) and my cousin said I “should be grateful that we even HAVE a pool as lots of people don’t” but I told him what’s the use of even having it if we can’t afford to run it? It’s just like we don’t even have it when we don’t have the $$$$ to open it and can’t even use it!

My hubby also had a meeting in Toronto yesterday with the CEO’s of his company and other Big Wigs, incl. the owner of Dell computers and he said he couldn’t get too close to him though with his massive bodyguards,who were so gigantic they made football players look puny,and he even had “his people” scope the meeting place ahead of time to “approve” it from a security standpoint which I think is pretentious and  over-the-top; I mean, who does he think he is, President Obama or someone? My mother was hassling me as well that I suntan every day and watch the CSI Miami reruns (to catch up on the old episodes I’ve missed) daily even though SHE also sits outside every day as well and she started watching CSI every day long before I did, so I told her,”What can YOU say about ME?” and she smirked,”I can say whatever I WANT!” She really IS “something”!