What Not To Name Your Kids.

DuctTapeOverMouth Here is a list of   funny-sounding names that look innocent enough but  when said quickly they sound rude.(I know, now you have to try it for yourself and figure them out)Now you know what not to name your kids.

– P. Niss

– Mike Hawke

– Mike Hunt

– Harry Balzac

– Harry Dick

– Anita Head

– Buck Nekkid

– Cox Ucker

– Dick N. Butts

– Dixon Cox

– Harry Scrote

– Hugh Janus

– Howie Phucter

– Homer Sexual

– Harry Dong

– Harry Nutt

– Ima Homo

– Ivana Hump

– Kari Mysac

– Liz Bien

-Miles Long

– Mike Oxlong

-Max E. Pad

– Maya Achinbalz