Paneer Masala.


• 3 cups fresh cubed homemade paneer
• 8 medium tomatoes
• 1 green chile
• 1 tbsp fresh chopped ginger
• 1 cup cream
• 2 tbsp ghee
• 2 tbsp whole coriander
• 3 cloves
• 10 black peppercorn
• 1/2 stick cinnamon
• 1 tsp cumin seeds
• 2 dried red chiles
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 1/4 tsp hing
• 1/2 tsp turmeric
• 2 tsp salt


First we are going to make the spice mixture. Gather all the whole spices. Grind up all the spices in a coffee grinder until you have a nice powder. Then set aside.
Place all the tomatoes, green chile and ginger in a blender. Blend until smooth. In a large pot heat up 1 tbsp ghee on medium high heat. Immediately add the pureed tomatoes, ground spice mixture and all the remaining spices. Cook for about 8 minutes. You will see the sauce thicken and you know it is done.
In the meantime, chop up the freshly made paneer. In a frying pan heat up 1 tbsp of ghee and pan fry the paneer until you have a nice crispy crust. About 5 minutes.
The tomato sauce should be ready by now. Add 1 cup of cream to the sauce. The flame should be on medium heat. Stir and then add 2 cups whey from the fresh paneer. If you don’t have whey, you can use water. Continue cooking on medium flame for 10 minutes. Next, add the cooked paneer and give it a stir. You can also add fresh cilantro at this time if you desire.Serve with naan bread and enjoy!


Breaking Amish Brave New World # 5.


In this week’s episode,Mike confronted Jeremiah for sleeping with his finacee but Jeremiah insisted that they had broken up beforehand,Rebecca was upset and cried, Sabrina said Jeremiah always runs away from his problems and was sympathetic with Mary(Abe’s mother) that there was too much drama. Jeremiah ordered the film crew to get the camera out of his face and left, saying that he was the “better man” for walking away, bragging that he knows Tae Kwon Do and later showed off his skills hitting wood and breaking it with his bare hands and invited Kate and Sabrina to do so which Sabrina did.
Kate cooked breakfast for the group with Abe’s mom helping but she quickly took over, annoying Kate; she was critical of their stove, kitchen and Kate’s cooking, insulted their using olive oil and Kate was tired of the Amish always telling her what to do with Sabrina adding that having someone critical of your cooking is a huge insult. Everyone raved how Mary made great chili but insulted what Kate made as “health crap”, hurting her feelings. Jeremiah later were talking smack about Mary and he said how she always stinks up the bathroom and turns the couch(which is his bed) onto a sewing circle and taking over.Abe told them off for talking about his mom,saying Kae’s just jealous that his mom can cook better than her and Jeremiah said it’s time Abe’s mother and sister get their own house and that Mary stops interfering so Mary challenged him if he can do 2 crochet stitches that she’d get out of the house for a day(not thinking he’d be able to do it) and he struggled but succeeded so she left with Abe for a mother-son day out where he taught her “English” rules and culture, such as how to have fun, told her not to worry about the people back home,and how to hug as the Amish don’t hug, not even their own family or kids as it’s not part of their culture,and they hugged and they both said it felt good.
Katie Ann(Abe’s sister) also said Kate’s pretty and has always admired models although the Amish consider it a sin and vanity and Kate said Katie Ann reminds her of her younger self and the two talked as Katie Ann asked her what it’s like to leave the Amish andshe she advised her to follow her heart but to make sure as it was really hard to leave.

Kym(Jeremiah’s girlfriend) also showed up and told Jeremiah she was breaking up with him and going back home to Ohio and he seemed indifferent and said he wasn’t going to chase after her even though he also said she was one of the bes girls he’d had and she said they were great together. It was also revealed that a few times he had secretly come into Sabrina’s bed at night and they hooked-up again.
Mary ,Katie Ann,and Abe went for a bike ride as well and found a house to rent easily, in just a day as they were dressed proper Amish,and Mary said she was looking forward to having her own space and being able to do what she wants and relax,and the others were glad to get rid of the Amish once again,too,and Rebecca noted that Mary never did “find” herself as she was always so wrapped up in Amish life and raising her family.

Meanwhile Katie Ann decided she wants to starts wearing modern “English” clothes, surprising and slightly upsetting Mary, who herself is drinking way too much alcohol now,Abe needs a job and wants to be a rodeo bull rider which Rebecca finds dangerous and stupid and it freaks her out but she also wants to support his dream so they and Katie Ann went to a rodeo, where they also bought cowboy hats and Katie Ann let down her long hair for the first time, undoing her kapp and her hair was so long it almost went all the way down to her ankles which she said felt good! They talked to a bull rider after the show and Katie Ann thought he was cute!
Mary cooked dinner at her new house and invited the group over for dinner but Kate was late and before she arrived they were talking about her. They also prayed before the meal and Mary told off Jeremiah for wearing his hat at the table but eating together fondly also reminded him of the part of Amish life that he did like; family-time together at meals,and he said that Rebecca is jealous of Kate and her modelling(which Rebecca tried herself earlier and was rejected) and when Kate showed up everyone stopped talking and went silent and she felt awkward and knew they were all talking about her. Rebecca then walked out when Kate showed up, not wanting to talk to her fearful she’d say something to offend her and Mary got mad saying it’s rude to leave the table before the final prayer, dessert and before everyone’s finished eating and went after her telling her and Abe to get back inside and finish the meal and they told her to wait until they were done talking, infuriating her with their rudeness, fuming she won’t tolerate it, that they lost their Amish values and won’t put up with drama, and Jeremiah and Abe went to talk with her to calm her down and she said she just wants everyone to get along.
Mary also said she thinks Rebecca acts out because she didn’t get enough attention as a child and is trying to get it now and hopes that Katie Ann doesn’t end up like her,Sabrina got a call from an investigator who find more of her biological relatives in Puerto Rico: an aunt and 2 cousins, and Jeremiah got a call from a friend inviting them to a house party of ex-Amish, where they had a BBQ and booze but when they got there the others were staring at them, ignoring them, and talking about them and then angrily confronted them, saying that they are disgracing everything Amish,making them look bad,saying they sleep with animals,etc.and they screamed at Jeremiah ,ordering them to leave and almost got into a fight and the show’s producer had to intervene and quickly escort them out of there before it got out of hand!
Of all the show’s cast I have to say that Kate is my fave. as she seems to be the nicest and kindest of the bunch and she doesn’t trash-talk the Amish and she’s the one who tries to avoid conflict. Sabrina is the biggest slut and Jeremiah is the one I like the least and comes across as a real douche.