Why I Hate Living In “Bumble-F*ck.”


– Too many rednecks!!!!

– No culture( theatre, opera, ballet, museums,art galleries,etc.)

-Nothing to do


– Too far from the city

– You have to travel for medical app’t’s

– Neighbours always blast redneck country music outside

– Smell of manure everywhere

– Redneck festivals all the time( eg. rodeos, country music jamborees, tractor pulls, farm shows,etc.)

– The factory stench wafts thru everywhere  and stinks up the entire town!

– Everyone’s a drunken loser

– Lots of gangs and drugs(esp. in the highschool) esp. considering the small size of the town

– It sucks the life and soul out of you until you slowly die

– No ethnic diversity

– No shopping( Wal-mart doesn’t count!)

-No good restaurants(McDonald’s doesn’t qualify!)

– Poor spelling and grammar on all the signs here; everyone’s so illiterate and uneducated

– No variety of goods

-You have to go to the city to buy anything

-Too slow InterNet speed

-Too much vandalism

-Everyone steals everything here

-No one respects anyone’s property

-The main street is all run-down

-The hospital is a joke

-Electricity, TV satellite,radio stations, and Internet goes off often

-Tap water is often contaminated and water advisories issued

-People here are always late, unreliable, never plan ahead,and always cancel

-People here are SO DUMB


-It’s like living on “The Little House On The Prairie”

-You always smell marijuana

-You always see people drunk and fighting

-The police are always around

-Racoons always tear apart your garbage