Breaking Amish Brave New World # 6.

BraveNewWorld#6 There was a thunderstorm Sunday night just when the show was coming on and started to record and I was worried the satellite would go off and I’d miss it but it luckily ended up ok, so here goes…

Rebecca asked a waitress at a restaurant if they were hiring and she replied they were but that they wouldn’t hire her as many of their customers are Amish and she would offend them(because of her reputation of living an unclean life since leaving and  of bad mouthing them) and Abe told her that she(being non-Amish) doesn’t know what it’s like(being Amish),Kate said she doesn’t like it when the group bashes the Amish,Jeremiah said they’re hypocrites, with the waitress saying that that they’re not all bad and the group makes it look like they all are,Rebecca said they’re not all perfect either but understands what the waitress means.(I agree with Kate, there’s some bad in every group but that you can’t judge an entire group by a few bad ones.) Mary and Katie Ann also shopped at a thrift shop for items for their new house that sold simple things suitable for Amish style but they found them to be expensive yet still  bought a few items,and  the modelling agency called Kate informing her of a shoot in Miami she was eager to go to, to get away from the toxic critical environment of the group,and told Sabrina her address in case of emergency contact.

The group decided to secretly drive to Miami to see Kate, to secretly crash her place but not ask or tell her ahead of time but just show up,Kate liked her hotel in Miami and felt relaxed, free, and not judged,and was upset when the group showed up unannounced and uninvited,ruining her break and didn’t want any drama and can’t seem to get away from them,and they accused her of not being hospitable, being “too ‘good'” for them,and  being “crabby”,when she told them they can’t stay(they said they’d stay with her) and weren’t welcome when they invited themselves to stay with her, so they left. Her model friend came to see her shortly afterwards and she was happy to see her. She and her friends were later sunning themselves and the gang showed up wanting to “party” and they tried to ignore them,and they brought beer which was against the rules and Kate told them so ; that it wasn’t allowed, and they became rude, pests, and made a nuisance of themselves, with Abe and Jeremiah splashing them in the pool and soaking them forcing them to leave.

Mary and Katie Ann went shopping for bathing suits which had to be modest and cover up and couldn’t be skimpy which they found to be awkward and Katie Ann got a one-piece with a little skirt,and at the beach Kate told the group that they had to respect where she was staying and that she was there to work,and her friend confronted Jeremiah how they ganged-up on her in NYC and they started arguing,Kate told him he’s an “ass” with her friend there to support her,Abe commenting he thinks she’s a “lez” and Jeremiah saying he doesn’t care what what anyone thinks and Kate and her friend just walked away.Kate had her modelling shoot on the beach and commented that models seem nice but that it’s fake and they just use you,and the group were watching her photo shoot and found it fascinating, with Jeremiah saying Rebecca’s jealous of Kate’s modelling,and Kate said she’s upset she was rejected when she applied for modelling and is jealous but she won’t let others make her feel badly about life and that she’s happy and confident with her life.(I agree they always do pick on her and she seems to be an outcast in the group)

The group went to a fancy club to celebrate afterwards, pulling up in their RV, which Sabrina dubbed “Redneckville” and had too much booze as always(drunken losers!) and Rebecca who used to judge and hate alcohol now drinks herself(so she’s a hypocrite!) and Abe got drunk as well and danced for the first time,Jeremiah got really “wasted” and a bouncer kicked him out of the club,enraging him(even though that’s his job, to kick out drunk, unruly,and disorderly patrons)commenting about the “Drunken Amish” and he wanted to fight but was stopped by his friends and ended up in a pool and then got overly-emotional and broke down and cried, with Kate hugging him,consoling him,his “wall” broken down, needing his friends, letting his guard down. Katie Ann went to the beach and loved it and Mary observed it was like watching a 2 YR old at the beach for the first time, and Sabrina went for a walk with Jeremiah and  said she feels like an outcast and wants to go somewhere where there’s people like her, and the investigator called and informed her that he found an aunt in Puerto Rico(who has 2 girls) who want to meet her and she agreed to go down there and Jeremiah said he’d go with her,as he’s adopted too and knows how she feels,and revealed that he’s Native American and met his biological family and said he’ll support her and help her find her identity.

Katie Ann said she wants to leave the Amish but it worries Mary who is upset and fears she’ll end up like Rebecca.She wants to be more “English” but Mary also told her to go for it, to see what the world has to offer, to have the opportunities that she never had, and to let her have her fun. Mary went to a bar as well(she likes booze now and drinks too much) and commented she worries that the Amish community will blame her now for  Katie Ann’s decision to leave. A scruffy-looking guy named “Big Bob”  tried to pick her up in the bar and offered to buy her a drink which she declined,adding she didn’t think he was “charming” and Sabrina was talking to Puerto Rican guys at a club which brought her closer to her heritage but also made her more nervous about going there and meeting her relatives and a friend of Kate approached Jeremiah and showed him a video of Kate which shocked him and he showed to the rest of the gang,and they gasped in stunned surprise….so is she topless,perhaps? Is she naked? Is it a porn video?

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