The TV Remote Control Prank.

TVRemote For the past 2 weeks I’ve been having trouble with the TV remote control….or so I thought. Every time I’d watch the nightly news it would randomly mute on and off all by itself without me even touching the mute button and it would baffle and confuse me and drive me nuts yet it never did it in the mornings when I watch daily reruns of “CSI Miami” and I couldn’t figure it out.It only happened in the evening during the news. I wondered if maybe it somehow “wore out” as the day went on and that’s why it was ok in the morning and was acting up in the evening. Then I wondered if perhaps the batteries were low and decided to replace those but it still occurred. I’ve had problems ever since we got the new Smart TV (I prefer the old “stupid” TV) and PVR and figured it was maybe just up to it’s old tricks again,but then realized a common factor: it only happened when the oldest and 18 YR old were around and they’d howl and convulse in laughter.At first I thought they were just laughing at my predicament and frustration…..and then I began to wonder….maybe they were somehow doing something, like maybe using another remote control to keep turning the sound on and off,and as it turned out that’s what it WAS! They were pranking me all along and everyone was in on it,too, my hubby and all the kids,yet no one told me or helped me when I asked if anyone knew what was wrong with the remote! I feel so hurt and betrayed as I’m always the butt of everyone’s jokes all the time,always the one everyone laughs at, and they think it’s funny to trick me because I’m stupid and easy to fool and they also think it’s fun to watch me get confused, frustrated,trying to drive me crazy, and to watch me freak out and get mad. I’ve been a scapegoat my entire life( by bullies in school and now even by my own family,too) and I’m sick of it! It just breaks my heart and they think it’s just one great big joke.Ha, ha, very “funny.”

As well our oldest flies out to Calgary later today to begin his new life after graduating university(and visiting us for over 2 weeks) and he’ll be happy to go(even though he had a nice rest and a nice visit) as it’s so boring here(and he hates “Bumble-F*ck” too) and he complained we don’t have enough food, esp. not enough meat(as it’s so expensive) and that we’re so messy and “live like pigs”, and he makes fun of my Asperger’s and says that’s why I don’t like sports even though that has nothing to do with it; actually I don’t like it because I’m not a redneck and I prefer cultured things, snarked to the other kids about me, “Don’t be bad or Mama will whine about you on her blog!” and said he’s “looking forward to not being poor anymore”(when he gets a job soon). He also said he’s been to Calgary before; when he had Reading Week before and stayed with a friend so he knows what it’s like and knows his way around,and another YR during Reading Week one of his rich friends’ dad’s treated him and several others to a free VIP trip to Miami as well; they flew First Class and stayed at his luxury beachfront hotel on his private beach and got to eat at swanky restaurants every night! Sweet! He’s sure got the right friends!! 🙂

My hubby’s also  mad I insist the kids take summer vacation off homeschooling (if he had HIS way he’d make them work all year and never get time off; he’s a slave driver!!) and twists it around that because I do that I try to “discourage” them from learning which isn’t true; I just think that they need a break and time off during the summer to just relax, do nothing,and be kids, otherwise they’ll burn out, get stressed,and end up hating school.Then he says that THEY want to do the work even though I also know they look forward to summer, incl. going to camp and need a break too. I hate it how people always accuse me of things, twist things around, take everything I say and do the wrong way,and accuse me of ulterior motives all the time. My family sucks.Too bad you can’t trade. Too bad there isn’t a money-back guarantee.