Turkey Cabbage Rolls.

CabbageRolls10 green cabbage leaves
1/2 pound ground turkey or ground beef(to substitute if you wish) meat (extra lean is a healthy choice)
1 yellow onion finely diced
2 tablespoon olive oil
2 cloves garlic minced
3 stalks celery finely diced
1/2 cup plain bread crumbs
1/2 cup tomatoes chopped
1 teaspoon sea salt

Cabbage Rolls Recipe Instructions:

Add oil to pan and over medium heat saute onion.

Add celery and garlic and cook for a few minutes, then add turkey or beef and cook until browned.

Remove the pan from heat and set aside.

Add cabbage leave to a boiling pot of water, cooking about 2 to 3 minutes, and immediately remove leaves and drain.

Add tomatoes, salt, and bread crumbs to meat mixture in pan.

Lay a cabbage leaf on a plate and spoon mixture onto the middle of the leaf. Fold the two sides of the leaf over the filling and roll up the cabbage leaf. Repeat for remaining cabbage leaves.

Serve and enjoy while the Cabbage Rolls are still warm.

International Blog.

WorldFlags I think it’s so cool that people all over the world read my blog! My blog stats show me not only how many readers I have but also where they come from.I check the stats daily just out of curiousity. My last YR’s YR end stats showed me that my readers came from a total of 114 countries with USA being the #1 country, Canada second,and the UK being third, which makes sense I suppose since they’re all English-speaking countries. Countries that my readers come from incl: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Algeria, Egypt, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Mexico,Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Colombia, Costa Rica, Oman, Angola, Switzerland, Ukraine, etc. I think it’s the coolest thing! I started my blog 5 YRS ago in July and I only started off telling 7 people! I never imagined in a million YRS it would ever grow like this!  Who’d ever think so many people from all around the world would be so interested in MY boring life?Thanx guys!

As well, the 18 YR old was watching a vulgar, immoral show that I forbid and his excuse was,”No one’s forcing YOU to watch it!” but we have rules in this house and if he can’t follow them then he can move out now and watch whatever he wants in his own house,we had heavy rain and the 10 YR old runs out at the front of the house dancing in the rain, stomping in the puddles in her bare feet, the greedy seagulls keep stealing the bread crumbs I put out for the other birds, chipmunks,and squirrels so now I spray them with the hose to scare them off but they still keep coming back(they’re persistant and annoying little buggers, that’s for sure!) and my hubby’s refusing to get the pool supplies to start off the season ahead of time and said he’ll get them later once we open the pool(but what if they’re sold out by then?) but I want  to already have them here in the pool shed  and ready to go and I’m convinced he leaves everything to the last minute(instead of planning ahead) just to piss me off and that he’s refusing to get the stuff simply because *I* asked him to because he’s an asshole like that!

Our oldest also said the subway stop where he lives in Calgary is the last in the line before they shut them down due to the severe state-of-emergency flooding and that his street is all water and muddy so it looks like it might be starting to spill over into his area(and he lives in the basement of the house,too!) but says he’s not worried and that he “likes adventure” so if he’s forced to evacuate into a shelter he doesn’t care and it’s not like he has much to move,anyway; everything he owns he brought with him is in 2 bags! I read a woman who had a near-death experience during surgery saw deceased loved ones as well and that they’re able to still see those they left behind and see how they’re doing which is reassuring and it made me wonder about Babushka(my grandmother) who died 9 YRS ago: can she see how sad I am? How my family treats me? How I pray to God every night to take my life? What does she think?

As for the BBQ at my hubby’s brother’s, 4 of the kids still did go anyway even though when I told them it would just be a bunch of drunken rednecks they didn’t want to go so he must have either tricked them to go or forced them to go; probably lied or something and told them that I made it all up(even though they posted on Facebook for the whole world to see bragging about all the booze). He told them that the kids wouldn’t be drinking alcohol which of course I knew they wouldn’t but the point is that it’s a bad atmosphere for kids and a bad influence seeing drunken losers staggering around all over and not the kind of thing I want them exposed to but he insists on turning them into rednecks like himself and his family despite my best efforts to prevent it as I want better for my kids and have higher expectations for them which isn’t too much to ask!