Disaster Zone!

AlbertaFlood The recent flooding in Alberta is the worst ever, even in areas that are used to flooding. Calgary, Canmore, apty-named High River and other areas were hit hard between rivers overflowing their banks and torrential rain water flooded several communities and over 100 000 people were forced to evacuate their homes at moments notice,with water ranging from waist-high to 6 feet high. There were mud slides and houses were even washed away. Our oldest moved to Calgary to find work(as Alberta’s economy is the best in the country and has the highest employment rate. Ontario used to be a prosperous province but the Liberals have destroyed it and turned it into a have-not province now)after graduating university(Business degree) on a Wednesday and the flooding hit the very next day on the Thursday but luckily didn’t affect the area he was in; he was just at the cut-off point! It got so bad in the affected areas that a state of emergency was called and people moved into emergency shelters and the army was even sent in to evacuate.They now estimate it’ll take up to 10 YRS to rebuild!

What gets me is that the gov’t FORCED people to evacuate even when they didn’t want to telling them that they’d be arrested if not, more heavy-handed Police State Big Brother tactics this country is becoming increasingly known for. I think they should have had the freedom to decide on their own; they should have informed them of the risk and advised them it would be BEST to evacuate and tell them that they wouldn’t be responsible for them if they didn’t and that if they stay they do so at their own risk, but forcing them isn’t right and I can understand why they wouldn’t want to leave their homes until they’re sure, and they might also be afraid once they leave that their homes would be looted.(and with the disaster people were cheating and defrauding flood victims as well,and jacking up prices of hard-to-find basic necessities and services, taking advantage of it) It was sad as well to see that even once the danger passed that the authorities were slow in letting people back into their homes even to assess the damage(they couldn’t move back as they had no electricity and no gas, plus the homes were destroyed by the water that needed to be pumped out and the homes have to either be repaired or rebuilt) and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover it,either; only flooding due to sewer backup( and Canada is the ONLY G8 country that doesn’t have overland flooding insurance coverage so once again this country falls short, no surprise here!!) so renters are the better off; they don’t have property to lose or expenses to pay but people that own their homes are just basically fucked!

It just breaks my heart to see those poor people that have lost everything and will never have the $$$$ to be able to replace,repair, or rebuild. What are they going to DO? Where will they live? How will they ever afford to buy another house when insurance doesn’t pay? No one HAS that kind of $$$$ (that’s what insurance is for!) seeing those images on the news just makes you cry and it’s so widespread,too, affecting so many people. I remember how hard it was for us to rebuild our lives after our fire but at least we had insurance. I can’t even begin to imagine this.It was nice to see communities coming together volunteering to help eachother in a time of crisis but I feel so badly for them.


As well, my hubby snickered to me,”Can you say something NICE about Canada?”(I’ll say something nice about it when it gives me a REASON to say something nice about it!) and I told him,”The only GOOD things to come out of this country are Terry Fox and poutine!” He has no idea though and nothing to compare it to as he’s only been to USA but I’ve been to 33 countries and know what else is out there, It just royally sucks ,falls behind and is lacking in so many ways,and I even heard on the news that kids are now often giving teachers alcohol to teachers as  end-of-school gifts which is soooo inappropriate and wrong! This country has just embraced, promoted, encouraged,and glorified the booze culture so much that it’s just become a normal everyday part of life and  it’s disgraceful and embarrassing and it disgusts me! I also commented how the military are NOT “heroes” as they kill innocent civilians overseas and they’re nothing more than gov’t sanctioned paid murderers for the State and the 17 YR old walked out of the RM, so I guess she’s  successfully still been indoctrinated by the world that teaches military worship(along with preaching the gay agenda,Enviro- Green dogma,feminism, and Political Correctness)despite my best efforts to counter-act it.