The Chips.

Chips My meddling mother is at it once again. I found out that she’s still sneaking the older kids chips during the night when they watch their TV shows and that they don’t have to save any for the younger kids, yet when the rest of us have OURS once a week we always make sure to save ours for them, so basically some of the kids have it twice a week while others only do once a week and it’s not fair and it’s not right and I’ve been thru this with her before(and told her to stop) and she’s still going behind my back. Her excuse is that the younger kids are asleep when the older ones have the chips but that just doesn’t “fly” as when we have ours(in the morning) the older ones are sleeping in but we always still save some for them, and then she sneered, “Life’s NOT fair!” and I told her, “That’s NOT good enough! You’re going to have to come up with something better than that!” then she tries to “twist” it around onto me(like she always does) and says I’M “making a big ‘deal’ out of it” and that it’s “only chips” but it’s NOT only chips and it’s not ABOUT chips; it’s about HER always over-stepping boundaries with MY kids, sneaking around behind my back,  always over-ruling and under-mining me and playing favourites and not being fair,and I told her that I WON’T have it in my own home,and they’re MY kids and I have final say, NOT her. Of course my hubby refused to get involved(in our “little squabbles” as he calls them) but for ONCE I would like someone to back me up, to have someone on my side and to support me, but I think he’s afraid of her and doesn’t have the “balls” to stand up to her, but we should be united when it comes to the kids and he shouldn’t let her take over and upsurp my discipline like this and come in-between our family.  He needs to tell her to back off. His “solution” is to not let anyone have chips,too,so NO ONE gets them, whereas mine is to make everyone just share and be fair, and if they have to have extras for their shows then to buy it using their OWN $$$$ as that’s what allowances are for but “communally” bought snacks are for everyone, not just a select few,and what some have, everyone gets. Fair is fair.

My mother interfered again as well by saying that our annual After School Party was switched to today when my hubby(who plans out the activities) said no such thing and she never even checked with him first(she just decided on her own),and she even told some of the kids that the plans were changed(and got them all excited) and told me as well and then the 15 YR old comes up and asks me and I told him what I was told but also added that I’m never incl. in any decision-making so to go and ask them to clarify and my hubby said that, no, it wasn’t and was still on for Saturday like originally planned,but of course he never confronted HER about it, leaving her to continue on her merry way, to keep on inserting herself into our decisions and discipline and I wish she’d move out into her OWN place but she refuses to and says if I don;t like it then *I* can move out and I wish I COULD but with my Asperger’s and my limits due to it I can’t survive on my own. I’m just sick of her and her meddling.She’s even turned my own kids against me,too.

As well, my hubby also commented(when I said the kids want a dog) that “Dogs are alot of trouble” but so are kids,too, and we still have them, and the 17 YR old’s so weird that she won’t let ANYONE touch her(she won’t even let her friends hug her!) and if they DO she’ll actually WIPE it OFF like they have “cooties” (there’s definitely SOMETHING wrong with her!)  and the kids had 3 friends over at once and at first (with all the kids we always have here,anyway) I didn’t even notice there were 3 extra until I saw 3 run past me that I didn’t recognize and then I knew they weren’t ours, and the water truck is supposed to deliver the water to fill our pool(which was drained half-way for the winter) later today(last YR when it was drained completely for repair and it got filled up the entire way it cost 1000$) and  actor James Gandolfini was buried(1500 people came to his funeral!)yesterday and I read lots of touching tributes online for him and I hope that he can “see” all the nice things that people said about him and knows he was loved by so many people, whereas when I die I’ll be lucky if anyone even cares.