Breaking Amish Brave New World Finale.

BraveNewWorld#8 In the season finale Kate, Abe and Rebecca had a fight over Kate taking Katie Ann for her first make over and shopping and Kate told Rebecca she had a bitch attitude, Rebecca called her a bitch with Kate replying that her and Abe are just jealous and they let their own jealousy and insecurities get in the way and later on Kate and Rebecca spoke in private and Rebecca admitted she’s selfish with Kate asking her what her problem with her was and she replied she was jealous of her modelling and Kate said that it’s hard work, and Rebecca said she thinks Kate comes across as better than the rest of them and that she cried and said she makes her feel insecure, dumb,and that she’s just a mom and there’s nothing she can do and she doesn’t want to be a bitch then Kate told her being a mother is important and hugged her to console her.(Kate has always been a kind person). Sabrina and Jeremiah are also in Puerto Rico with her telling him she’s glad he came along to support her as both being adopted they can relate to eachother and she apologized how she treated him in NYC before and he told her she was being too hard on herself and that life will get better. Katie Ann also went shopping at a cowboy store with Mary, Abe,and Rebecca, enjoying the various colours with Mary commenting she envies her,wishing it’s something she could do,too.

Jeremiah waited outside the hotel for Sabrina on the day they were to leave to go back but she didn’t show up and then came and told him she wasn’t leaving but staying in Puerto Rico instead with her aunt and didn’t want to go back to Florida and needs to do something for herself and on her own and to meet more family as she found where she belongs and loves Puerto Rico but he was upset and told her to go and didn’t want to leave her there alone but she refused and jumped into a taxi and drove away leaving him standing there! Rebecca said  the past few weeks have been hard and she misses her grandparents, family,and friends and she wants to move back to Pennsylvania  and when she told Abe he was shocked and stunned with disbelief saying she’s not even letting him give Florida a chance  to make it work to start a new life and she told him that he’s always thinking about other people instead of them to which he replied his mother is going to be shunned when she goes back home and they should be there to support her and she said it should be about them; them and their child and not his family and he said he felt torn and didn’t know what to do.

Jeremiah was at the airport by himself and felt like shit,abandoned by Sabrina after he went there to support her and was worried and doesn’t know what happened to her and felt responsible and is worried with her there on her own and when he arrived home he was greeted and hugged by the group who asked where she was and when told she stayed behind they were surprised and Rebecca thought he was joking at first and then he explained and Kate asked if she’d be safe there, Abe asked how everything went,and Kate asked if she was going to live there and was worried if she’d be safe on her own. Abe’s brother Andy visited and doesn’t like Rebecca saying she interferes in their family, he checked in on their mother Mary as he got out of prison(for writing bad cheques) and seeing Katie Ann’s new “English” look he was shocked and said he didn’t recognize her, asked if Abe and Rebecca had anything to do with it, and belittled her saying she looked like a real mess, he was disappointed as she used to be a good sister and the good one, and Mary told him to go and that he was out of line and should show respect.

Andy next went over to visit Abe and Rebecca and Rebecca asked him what he was doing there and slammed the door in the face and said he had no right to be there. He asked them what did they do to Katie Ann and Abe said it was “B.S” and he just came there to stir up trouble, Rebecca said he’s a hypocrite as he dresses Amish but doesn’t act it as Amish don’t go to jail or lie and he should be helping Mary, and he asked what went wrong with his family and he just wants to be close to Abe again and get along like they were before Rebecca split them apart, and Abe said they’re helping Katie Ann leave the Amish and told Andy he’s a scumbag and he doesn’t care what he thinks,with Andy replying he’s always been there for Abe and he loves him. Andy said 3 YRS ago they got drunk and he slept with Rebecca and Kate said she knows the story and that Rebecca’s paranoid Andy will tell everyone and that she doesn’t want Abe and Andy to talk.(Personally I feel sorry for Abe and Andy; a woman should never come between brothers.)

Abe went to Mary fr advice about Rebecca wanting to move back home and not stay in Florida and being at odds over it and she she said if she moves back she’ll be shunned and told him why does he always have to listen to Rebecca , do what she wants,and what makes her happy all the time, and to just tell her that they’re staying in Florida and that’s that,to which he replied he’s grown up and  married now and it’s time she let him go,and she said she feels like he’s “throwing her to the lions” and that she wants him to stay but that it’s his choice yet if he does move back that it will hurt her deeply to see him go and he said it’s not the right thing to leave them(his mother and sister) behind.Jeremiah said he didn’t know if he’d ever see Sabrina again and he missed her but he’d never trust her again as she “burned” him,Kate’s friend Violetta visited her and she asked her to move in with her in NYC where she’s returning to to do a photo shoot and said she’s let go of being Amish and has embraced being “English” now. Mary said she’s staying in Florida for awhile to support Katie Ann leaving the Amish, Andy told said he can’t tell her what to do  and it’s her decision and everyone in his community’s turned their back on him because of Rebecca as she’s “poisoned” them against him and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do now.

The group had a BBQ and Sabrina showed up and they all hugged her back welcoming her, glad to see her, and Kate said it didn’t feel complete without her, Sabrina said she missed everyone and knew she couldn’t stay in Puerto Rico , Abe said Jeremiah felt bad coming home without her, Sabrina said she’s proud to be Puerto Rican to which Kate replied it was awesome, and Abe quipped he guessed the Puerto Ricans weren’t like the Mennonites and Rebecca said she was glad to have her back. Sabrina later talked privately with Jeremiah and said she realized she pushed him away, afraid to get close, but both being adopted they have a connection and apologized for leaving and he replied she did what she had to do but he was upset the way she left but she “found” herself, now loves herself, and is no longer the old Sabrina and it doesn’t sound like herself anymore but is a new person now but Puerto Rico isn’t where she belongs, but wants to be with him! The group also had fireworks on the beach, and Rebecca said they’d always keep in contact and stick together, Abe said she’s not sure what will happen or where they’ll end up but they’ll always be friends, and Kate said they’ll always be there for eachother.

***** Kate returned to NYC and modelled for Maxim magazine, is studying for her GED and hopes to travel to Spain with her girlfriend.

***** Sabrina has an open invitation to visit her biological family in Puerto Rico and is seeing Jeremiah off and on.

***** Jeremiah is pursuing various business ventures and doesn’t know what the future holds but hopes to settle down one day.

***** Abe and Rebecca bought a house in Pennsylvania with a guest room for Katie Ann to visit.

***** Katie Ann hasn’t decided if she wants to be Amish or “English” but goes to the beach as much as possible.

***** Mary moved back to Pennsylvania to her husband and has been shunned by her community.

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