“Ketchup” Post.

CatchUP The fireworks for Canada Day were cancelled and postponed because it rained, the 6 YR old thought for some reason that it was a good idea to shove his leg thru the rungs of a wooden chair only it got really stuck and even I couldn’t pull it out and I ended up having to take the chair apart to free him, and he put mustard on the 10 YR old’s ice cream cone so I made them switch so she got his and he had to eat hers,  and he kept turning off the TV while she was watching it,too,and when I sent him up to his room he just kept coming out! He’s just soooo bad all the time! I also found out who took my missing mirror: the 15 YR old found it in the 18 YR old’s room; apparantly he hid it as a prank(ha,ha, VERY “funny!”) on me, and the kids tracked mud thru the house all over the carpet(I just wanted to cry!) even though I don’t even LET them wear shoes in the house( but no one ever listens to ME!) and then they wonder why I get so mad when they’re pigs and destroy everything and have no respect for anything,and we’ll never be able to sell this slum! Then instead of backing me up my hubby says they’re GOOD kids, but they’re mouthy, defiant, disobedient,and disrespectful and I’m sick of it!

I also had another dream I moved back to Toronto and in this dream I was on the TTC ( public transportation) again only I didn’t know how much the fares were now and didn’t have enough tickets and I kept using up my tickets instead of getting transfers and I couldn’t remember the routes, which streetcars to take, or where my stops were anymore and I kept getting lost and had forgotten my way around the city, the 12 and 15 YR olds still haven’t finished all their homeschool work yet and still have reading assignments and essays left to complete  and will still be doing it all summer until they’re done but that was their choice to keep putting it off, I can still remember putting in  a diary entry 29 YRS ago about how much I hated Canada and I still feel that way today, if not even more so, all these YRS later; nothing has changed,and I wish I COULD like it but it has just screwed me over so many times, the younger kids can’t say the word “despicable” and it’s so funny to hear them try to say it; it comes out so funny and sounds like a tongue twister, and both my mother and hubby always yell at me, belittle, criticize, and make fun of me for “always repeating” myself too even though it’s an Asperger’s trait and I can’t help it and they always shame me.

I figured out as well why we always lose 6 inches-plus of water from the pool every day and have to keep running the hose 6 hours-plus every day to maintain the water level so it doesn’t go below the skimmer line(or else the pump will burn out): we must have a leaking valve in the pump so we called the pool store and they said they’ll find a repairman to come and take a look and replace it for us, which will cost less than all the water we’re going thru( our water’s on a meter) or having to replace the pump if it gets damaged, and my mother said that SHE wants 3 gifts for HER upcoming birthday even though I didn’t get ANYTHING at all for mine( not even ONE gift; just cards!) and when I told her she’s selfish she hissed,”I KNEW you’d say that!” (turning it around onto me like she always does)and when I said I want a dog the 15 YR old snarked,”We HAD one but you got RID of him!”( 2 YRS ago,and he’ll never forgive me for it,either) even though it was BECAUSE it was aggressive and  really mean and always growled and bit us all the time, but they even blame ME for THAT,too; somehow EVERYTHING’S always MY fault all the time!