Summer Camp.

Camp It’s time for summer camp again for the kids, Cadets camp for 3 of the kids ( 2 of them as campers and 1 as a counsellor) sewing camp for 2 of them, and Bible camp for 2 of them. Cadets camp is for ages 12 and up, and the others are age 12 and under. Last YR some of the older kids were also leaders at Bible camp where the younger ones were campers but this YR it conflicts while they’re still away at Cadets camp(last YR they were they already back home).Bible camp and sewing camp is for a week each and  they’re going to Cadets camp for 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 7 weeks. I can still fondly remember when I went to camp as a kid as well, for 6 weeks every summer from when I was 6 until I was 12. It was run by the Mennonites so they taught us about God and we sang Bible songs and stuff and even though my mother didn’t give a crap about religion(and she still doesn’t) she picked that particular camp as it was the only one that provided transportation! I loved it, however, and looked forward to going every YR and I even made 2 friends there that returned yearly like I did,too!

I have soooo many happy memories of it, such as Philip the cute popular boy that all the girls liked, riding horses bareback, trying to catch frogs in the pond and falling in and getting my clothes soaking wet, getting an exemption from going into the barn due to my allergy to the hay so I got to stay out and swing around on the tire swing on the big maple tree instead, horse-drawn wagon rides, canoeing, ice-cold swimming first thing in the morning, making crafts,hiking in the woods, archery, camp fires, my melted cheese whiz sandwiches for lunch, Cathy the teen counsellor who was the prettiest girl I had ever seen and how all the girls wanted to be her and all the boys wanted to be with her, singing Bible-themed songs, The camp director named Rachel and I named my toy dog after her,comparing “Charlie’s Angels” trading cards with friends(this was in the 1970’s remember),the boys talking about this new “Star Wars” movie that just came out, learning rude, funny,and gross songs from the other kids, Bobby showing me how to make “farting” sounds under my armpits, etc. Those were some great times.

I also remember how it was where I actually won something for the very first time ever: at archery! I surprised myself(and everyone else!) by getting a bullseye and winning First Place and getting the blue ribbon…..except the Popular Girl was mad and SHE wanted it and all the other kids thought that SHE deserved to win it and NOT me and they tried to take it off me and give it to her but thankfully the counsellor wouldn’t let them. It ended up being the only time in my life that I ever won anything, actually.This would turn out to be just one of many times in my life that I would feel the sting of not being popular and being at the bottom of the social ladder, but despite that, camp was fun and one of the best experiences of my life and has provided me with some of the happiest memories of my childhood and equally my kids always have such a great time,are always eager to go, and talk about it forever afterwards,and I hope that they too will cherish their memories forever as well, long into adulthood just like I have.


As well, Egypt’s President Morsi has been overthrown in a military coup just a YR after he was democratically elected and so I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy; afterall, I mean it’s not like he was some dictator that just seized power or something; he’s who they voted for!  I guess I went to Egypt(a few YRS ago) at just the right time,too, before all the protesting, rioting, demonstrating, and political unrest and instability,and too bad that we can’t do the same thing here to the Liberals after they’ve destroyed this province with all their corruption, scandals,and wasteful spending! I wish we could stage a coup as well and topple them!!