Breaking Amish Brave New World Reunion Part 1

BraveNewWorld#9 This week the cast reunited in NYC with a host for an interview which concludes next week. It’s been several months since they’ve last seen one another with Jeremiah being referred to as the “Odd man out” and he said he just puts up with them because he has to, and the host asked Rebecca what she has against  Katie Ann moving in with them and becoming English and she said she’s vulnerable and Jeremiah said he’s proud when Abe stood up to Rebecca when she’s being controlling but he denied it but Rebecca said she has attitude and said their baby came to Florida but was off camera as they don’t want her exposed to all the drama. Jeremiah’s “ex” Kym was secretly back stage listening to all that was being said as well and Sabrina said that once Kym asked her how big his “willy” is and she told her so that’s how she found out that they were intimate and then all hell broke loose, they recalled how they didn’t really know who Martin Luther King was due to Amish not being too well educated although Kate knew he had something to do with equal rights and black people and Jeremiah thought he freed the slaves, confusing him with Lincoln and Kate said Amish only go to school until grade 8 until age 15 and then work on the farm.

The host discussed when Sabrina commented that English lovers were better in bed than Amish  and asked who was better but Rebecca and Abe said both were the same with Jeremiah adding that he’s been with English girls that were frigid,too,and later mentioned he’s 33 YRS old and been with 13 women and referred to himself as a “man whore” and Sabrina said she’d like to do better in that area of her life and not be such a slut, Mary and Katie Ann were there as well with Katie Ann dressing Amish once again as she’s returned to the Amish deciding against becoming English which pleased Mary, and Mary’s still being shunned for going to Florida and when asked how her husband reacted she wouldn’t comment,and when she asked what Jeremiah thinks about her he said it was awesome that she supports her son Abe but that she also has to let go of her adult children and not always follow them when they travel and boss the group around and that he doesn’t need another mother and she agreed.

The host asked Abe and Rebecca if their first YR of marriage was what they expected and Rebecca said she thought they’d have their own place but they’re working things out better and when asked if they’re going to expand their family she said they’re pregnant now and Mary and the group already knew in Florida and are happy for them and Kate said she knew that they’d wanted another baby, Mary said you should also try everything and talk to everyone and as for her drinking that it’s more common in the Amish than you’d think and that every state differs and they are allowed to drink just not party, and recalling at the dinner when Rebecca was out of line and Mary was offended Rebecca said she never had issues like that in her family and Kate felt awkward walking in on it and it was stressful. The host asked what about Kate’s clothing is so wrong with Rebecca and she said it makes her uncomfortable,she’s snobby, always defensive,and Kate said they’re always bashing her and so she stands up for herself and Abe said she always gets away with everything and has her own rules but they agree to disagree and then Rebecca broke down crying and they had to take a break and once they resumed the host said Rebecca’s upset about Kate’s successful modelling career that Rebecca failed to get (I think she’s just jealous,too) and she said she didn’t want it as it’s too demanding and they’re always telling her what to do just like the Amish and she doesn’t want people telling her what to do all the time.

Kate kissing women was brought up and she said she was just kissing a friend and having fun and denied being a lesbian saying she was just experimenting, finding herself and that it was a phase, but Jeremiah brought up that her Valentine’s Day date was a woman but he and Sabrina said there’s nothing wrong with being gay(even though the Bible says otherwise) and Abe was shocked( and the Amish would be mortified)and didn’t know what to think  but wouldn’t judge her, Rebecca said she kissed a girl but married a guy and isn’t gay,and Mary was shocked and the host said they’re so open-minded and Kate said she respects them for not judging her,and Mary said she’s not backwards,with the host asking if she ever thought of leaving the Amish to which she replied “Thousands of times” but(like myself in my situation I’m trapped in) she has nowhere to go, no one to support her and no $$$ and the host asked Abe if he’d take care of her and he replied he’d help her and do his best.

The host commented about Jeremiah that trouble follows him everywhere he goes and he cusses, fights, womanizes, etc. and he’s changes and is always angry and he said it gets him thru life, and when she said no one likes him he said that’s their problem and he doesn’t care what they think about him she said it’s a tough act. Sabrina said she doesn’t believe it and he’s been hurt alot in life and he deals with it by being tough.The host asked aout Mike and his fiancee who Jeremiah slept with and he said they’d already broken up first and she didn’t love him,and Abe said that wasn’t true; that she kept texting him and when Jeremiah got emotional he said it was because he was drunk and the truth came out,and that only 2 people know his life story and he doesn’t trust enough people to tell them, and Kate added it’s a crazy story but she only knows part of it.The host then asked what’s going on between him and Sabrina and she said nothing and he replied stuff did happen in Florida, they did sleep together but he refuses to get screwed over ever again and that he “played” her which she denied. Abe said she used him as a “boy toy”,and she said she doesn’t see herself with him as there’s so many ups and downs and the host said there’s a love triangle between them and Kym,and when asked what he thinks of Kym Jeremiah said she’s not the person he’d ever get back with….and then Kym walked on stage…..

to be continued next week……

On a personal observation, I noticed that Kate is the only one out of the group that has it the most together: the only one with a full-time job and her own place, that has her life together, that is independent, knows where her life is going,and has fully left the Amish and knows where she’s at. The others don’t have jobs and have no idea where they are in life; where they want to live, work, or what they want to do.