Beezus The 10 YR old and I were joking if we ever get a Chihuahua we’d name it “Beezus” (it’s an inside joke) and I really want to get one again, for so many reasons, such as a reminder of a happy time in my life when I had Chihuahuas, to relive, recreate,and recapture my happy past, to have something to take care of now I’m no longer having any more babies, to have something to love, to have someone to love me, to bring me some happiness,fun,and joy in my  life, to have a little cuddle buddy, so the kids can have a dog they so desperately want again, to go “back” to my childhood and teen YRS again, to bring back nostalgic memories, etc. but my hubby refuses to allow me to get one and once again I feel so stifled, oppressed, voiceless, like I have no say in my own home and in my own life, like my wants,desires,and needs don’t matter,being over-ruled and vetoed, my dreams being crushed, leaving me with nothing to look forward to, no more hopes or dreams. He is the Downpressor Man like in the Peter Tosh song. All I want is a little Chihuahua. Is that really too much to ask? Why should I even need his “permission”,anyway?

The 10 YR old also needs a new mattress as all the springs and coils are poking out of hers(she’s had it for 8 YRS) even after I flipped it over and switched it from one end to another, trying to make it last as long as possible( my own mattress I’ve had for 17 YRS, ever since my original one was replaced by insurance after we had the fire and it’s got all these big dents in it but I refuse to spend $$$ we don’t have on a mattress so I just suffer) and our oldest ( the one who graduated university with a business degree  and just moved to Calgary) has an interview at a bank (a friend of his works there and put in a good word for him; it really DOES help to know the right people!) next week for a job as an assistant financial services manager,too, and the 18 YR old’s job interview at the call centre went well and he’s advanced on to the next stage: an online assessment, so I hope that they BOTH get the jobs….