Random – We have this Birthday Hat that’s really tacky; it’s tall, has a cake on it with candles and you can ONLY wear it once a YR on your birthday but the other day the 6 YR old tried to wear it anyway so to discourage it the 10 YR old told him if he wears it any day other than on his actual birthday he’ll get cancer!

– I scooped a dead bird (it looked like a crow) out of the pool. I have also scooped out dead mice, chipmunks, squirrels, and bats either out of the pool water itself or floating in the skimmer.

– I saw the mailman yesterday as he came up our stairs and asked him what he had for us and when he said “A gas bill” I told him to keep it, plus to take back the hydro bill when he gets that,too,and he laughed and said sorry, but he couldn’t.

-They should have put an apology on my birth certificate.

– The 10 and 12 YR olds were standing on the diving board peeking over the back  fence spying  on the neighbours behind us as they were having a BBQ.

– 2 of my cousins hassled me on Facebook for posting women shouldn’t smoke while pregnant as it harms the baby. YRS ago they didn’t know about the dangers and didn’t realize birth defects were linked to it but now with the public awareness there’s no excuse.

– I heard new citizens being sworn in have to also pledge an oath to the British Queen and many refuse to do so and have brought up a lawsuit and I agree. I can see doing so if you’re becoming a BRITISH citizen, but not here.

– I can never comment, give an opinion, criticism, or suggestion in this house without always being shot down, yelled at, criticized, dismissed, or vetoed by my hubby and mother.My hubby also like to lord it over me how much smarter he is than me and makes me feel really small.

– When I said how I hate always being last  my mother snickered mothers DO come last….except I always have been last my whole life, even BEFORE I had kids; I’ve ALWAYS been the last chosen, the least important, least in priority, the last picked, the last considered,  last place, etc.

– I can’t see how the 10 YR old can love me when no one else does, but I’m glad she does.

– My mother said she doesn’t understand how I “used to like” her before and now I hate her…..except when I was growing up it’s not that I liked her; I never saw her, and that was also BEFORE she started meddling, interfering, overstepping boundaries and taking over with my kids!

– I overheard the neighbours next door fighting and the dad told off the daughter for swearing and she yelled back at him,”What can YOU say? YOU’RE an alcoholic!” and he said,”I am NOT!” and she goes,”You are SO! You’re either always drinking beer, buying beer, or talking about buying beer!” and one of them was putting a shirt on the baby and another goes,”Don’t put the soccer one on him; soccer’s for losers!”

– My hubby said the only reason I told him the 10 YR old needs a new mattress is because he bought the 6 YR old a new bike and she’s “jealous” and “has to get something,too” even though her mattress is 8 YRS old and all the springs are sticking out and keep poking her, but he always twists everything around like that, but it’s not like that; I never mentioned it before(even though it’s been bad for months) because I knew we don’t have the $$$$ but then I figured if he could spend 80$ on a new bike for him that isn’t a necessity then he can buy her a new mattress that she DOES need, and now he’s going to buy the 6 YR old a new mattress too(even though his is just stained) because the 10 YR old’s getting one! He’s unbelievable!

– My mother said I needed HER “permission” to transfer highschools, to go to university in Egypt,and to switch religions,even though it was either switch schools or I’d have killed myself to escape the bullying(it was that bad; after 2  1/2 YRS of it I couldn’t take it any longer so it wasn’t really a hard decision) and I had to go to university SOMEWHERE anyway, whether if was Cairo or somewhere else(so what’s the difference?) and I was 18 then anyway and didn’t need her permission,and I was in my 30’s when I switched religions(before I came back to the Catholic Church 8 YRS ag0) and I was an adult…..I really DON’T know WHO she thinks she IS……she really IS a piece of work! Both she and my hubby still  think I need their permission to do everything even now. I can’t do anything unless they approve it.I’m oppressed.