Ethnic Festival.

WorldFlags I went to a small annual ethnic festival in a nearby town where they had multicultural vendors, food,music,and events(crafts and stuff) but by the time we got there the music was over and the events had ended but we got the food and got to browse the vendors. This is the ONLY culture we even HAVE here; the only things we have around here are redneck events like country jamborees, hoe-downs, and tractor pulls so I am always eager for this. I REALLY miss the city; in Toronto there’s cultural events every weekend, usually 3 or 4 of them! This YR there were less food vendors though; only from Tibet, Mexico, China, Poland, Portugal,and the Caribbean. I was sad they never had the Greek one as that’s where I always get my delicious dessert; it’s some deep-fried balls covered in honey and sprinkled in cinnamin. For dinner I got momos and noodles at the Tibetan place the 10 YR old and I shared. It was just my hubby(he has to go as he’s the only one that drives) the 10 YR old and I that went; no one else wanted to go; they said it’s “lame” and “boring.” They had amusements and games too but we never play the games as we don’t believe in gambling and the rides were too expensive; 5$ for a 30 second ride!

My main objective was to find a new purse( which I did, and for only 15$ too!) as my old purse( which I got in Rome a few YRS ago) was on it’s last legs; one of the straps had broken off and even though I’d repaired it a few times before it was beyond hope now but I had it hold on as long as I could. I got a new purse from a vendor from Guatemala and it’s a small needlepoint multicoloured floral one with fringes along the bottom. I really like it. They had Bob Marley shirts at another booth as well I wanted to buy except they were all sold out(shit!) and I bought the 10 YR old a One Direction T-shirt she liked and my hubby got mad I didn’t buy anything for the other kids and sneered that she has “special rights” when actually I got something for her because she was the only one that was THERE; if the other kids had come they would have got something,too! Why does he always have to twist everything around like that and be such an asshole all the time? It was so hot as well ( 28 C and felt like 34 C) I went to buy a Jamba Juice smoothie and they had one that looked good with mango, guava, peach, and  passionfruit…until I saw that it also had strawberries,too(which I hate; I hate berries! Yuck!) which ruined it so I asked them if they could just make it and not put in the strawberries but they said they couldn’t as it all came pre-packaged and then my hubby told them(about me), “I understand the concept but she doesn’t!” as always embarrassing me and making me look dumb in front of other people. I think he purposely goes out of his way to be a prick.

As well, I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday(duuuuhhh), the 18 YR old did his online assessment for his job interview at the call centre( computer literacy test) and it said the average duration was 30 min and average score was 64% and he just took 5 minutes to complete it and got 92% so there’s no reason they shouldn’t hire him, my hubby’s(he turns 50 later this YR) officially an old man now: he fell asleep sitting up in his reclining chair in front of the TV like my grandfather used to do,I’ve had a headache now for the past 4 days and whenever I get them it always feels like something’s going to “pop” so I wonder if it really IS an impending stroke or aneurysm even though the neurologist didn’t seem to think so, it’s supposed to be a sweltering 32 C all this upcoming week and with humidity feel like  in the 40’s,and the lady across the street is always out on her lawn for HRS every day picking something out of her grass and putting it into a bucket she tosses into the garbage; it’s like an obsession,and I would love to know what exactly she’s picking out of there for HRS every single day….it’s so puzzling!

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