HOT Enough For You?

Heatwave(newest) THIS is how hot it was at NIGHT today! We’re having a heatwave all this week with a heat advisory, with temperatures expected to reach 32 C with a humidex in the 40’s. It’s so hot that even the pool water was 29 C ( 85 F) the hottest it’s ever been! Who needs a pool heater when you have the sun? It was already 25 C when I woke up at 6 am!

No Justice!!

Trayvon(new) There is NO justice: George Zimmerman was found NOT guilty in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin(seen here). It was obviously racially motivated and had their roles been reversed the verdict would have been the opposite; if the shooter had been black and the victim had been white it would have been a guilty verdict for sure. It reminds me of South Africa under Apartheid; a two-tiered system with 2 sets of rules; one for whites and another for blacks. It’s a shameful disgrace! This is also what happens when Americans run around loose with guns playing vigilante and  when people don’t value life. A young teen is dead now, and for what? Zimmerman is just as guilty as O.J Simpson and Casey Anthony were, yet they got away with murder,too.

Zimmerman was a neighbourhood watch volunteer who thought Martin was “suspicious” and “threatening” (simply because he was a black teenager) and he followed him. When he called 9-1-1- he was told to NOT follow him but he did anyway. This whole thing could have been avoided. They got into an altercation and Zimmerman had gashes on the back of his head he said was from Martin banging his head against the  ground, no doubt as HE felt threatened with Zimmerman following HIM(it works both ways) yet Zimmerman was the one carrying a gun, not Martin, who was unarmed so who exactly was the threat here? There was no need for Zimmerman to shoot that kid, none whatsoever. I can’t believe he got off. He kills someone and he just gets away with it scot-free. Wrong on SO many levels.


As well, my mother gave the 12 YR old 3 chicken wings for dinner but only gave the 10 YR old 2 pieces and when I said it wasn’t fair she used her usual excuse, “Life’s NOT fair!” and tried to justify it as, “She’s ————“(her name). She just gives the ones she LIKES more than the ones she doesn’t; playing favourites(because she’s a bitch) and she’d said with 3 of the kids away at camp she’ll save $$$ by buying less food(with less people here)…and then she turns around and goes and still brings dinner to the 15 YR old at camp when she visited him( he’s at a local camp, the others are 7 HRS away) kind of defeating the purpose,and when I pointed out the irony in that her, my hubby,and the 18 YR old tore into ME for mentioning it,yelling at me saying I’m “making a ‘big deal’ out of it”, she can “bring her grandson food if she WANTS”, I’m “NOT her mother”, “Who asked YOU?” etc.. so apparantly it’s ok for HER  to lie, be a hypocrite and do whatever she wants without question but *I* can’t say anything about it? Is that it? I’m not ever allowed to question anything, have an opinion, make a comment, criticize, or point out anything she does.She’s untouchable! My hubby also always sneers at me “You never LISTEN!” but he’s confusing not listening with not understanding! It’s NOT the same thing!

My family also always dismisses everything I say and whenever I talk they just always ignore me, talk over me,talk down to me, and walk away when I’m talking,too, trying to “justify” their rude behaviour and ill-treatment of me as I’M “always complaining” “always ‘nattering'” “always yakking” etc. and they make me feel like shit.I carry unbearable self-hatred and unbearable knowledge that I am nothing and I never should have been born and I pray God can forgive me for being born and being me.