Breaking Amish Brave New World Reunion Part 2.

BraveNewWorld#10 In the final part of the reunion/interview from NYC, the cast was reunited and the host asked Jeremiah’s ex Kym how she knew he and Sabrina had sex and she said they rode together in a car and it came up in a conversation and she later discussed it with him. Sabrina said she likes Kym because she’s a “bad-ass bitch” and that she “amuses” her.The host asked why 2 women were fighting over Jeremiah and Sabrina said they weren’t anymore, Jeremiah said it’s all stupid, with the host asking why were they mad at him and he said he wasn’t going to talk about that with Kym saying they weren’t together but “trying to work things out” and that he shouldn’t have “been screwing around” and she apologized for her fight with Sabrina before and admitted she has anger towards Jeremiah. Rebecca called him a “man whore” and when he said he’s slept with 13 women Kym said it’s alot more than that and said she hates him and can’t stand him with Sabrina agreeing, and he said she’d spent 10 days in jail for making false accusations against him and she rebutted that he “talks shit” about her online!

Katie Ann has since returned to the Amish as she wanted to try it again and see if she liked it and  missed it and the host asked why Abe and Rebecca were so mad when Kate took her shopping for her makeover, Kate said she was embarrassed that she cursed so much and was just so mad she and Katie Ann had such a good day and Katie Ann was so happy and Abe and Rebecca ruined it with their selfishness and attitude when she was just trying to help, Abe said Kate thought he was being selfish when he just wanted to be with Katie Ann as she’s family and Mary said it was just a big mix-up and misunderstanding and that it was fair to let Kate go but she also understood where Abe and Rebecca were coming from and Jeremiah said what was important was Katie Ann was happy. The host then asked Rebecca and Abe how their family was doing and Rebecca said they have nothing to do with Abe’s brothers, not knowing his brother Andy was listening backstage, and Abe said his brothers are good people but that they “have issues” and he doesn’t want to have them around his family and ten they brought Andy out on stage,( who had a non-Amish haircut) and Mary said she hadn’t spoken to him for weeks but it’s always nice to see her kids but she wished they’d get along better and Andy commented Abe “threw his life away” with Rebecca, to which she replied she didn’t care and she always has a reason for everything she does.

The host asked why Abe wouldn’t even look at Andy and when Andy spoke Abe childishly pretended he didn’t hear and asked if anyone said anything,(and Andy had a hurt look on his face in return) and replied he’s “got nothing to say” to him,and Andy said he “misses his brother” and wants to talk to him, said he wants Katie Ann to go back Amish and she did because of how Abe and Rebecca treated her,said the cops were caled on Abe and Rebecca and Rebecca said he looks trashy and Abe told him to “straighten his ass up” and respect Rebecca and he and Rebecca walked off the set, with Andy saying he always runs away from his problems.The problem was explained as Katie Ann needed her birth certificate to get a driver’s licence and Abe and Rebecca refused to surrender it and Andy kept trying and they’d never answer, withholding it, thinking she was being “ignorant” so he called the police, and said Rebecca is controlling and” treats his family like shit” and that he’s mad at her, not Abe, to which Mary replied, “No comment.”

Sabrina said being adopted she always struggled with her identity and Jeremiah went to Puerto Rico with her and was quick to support her as he was adopted and found his bio family too and understands what it’s like and was happy to be there for her but was upset when she abruptly left as he was raised a guy takes care of a woman and was worried when she left and was happy to see when she’d returned. Abe and Rebecca later returned on stage and Abe said he had one issue to discuss with his brother but his mother had to go in another room as Amish don’t argue in front of their mothers and Rebecca said it would be disrespectful so she left but Katie Ann stayed. Andy said he wants his brother back and to see his niece who he’s only seen a couple of times and Rebecca cried saying she asks for her uncle but he’s been in jail and what do you tell a 2 YR old,  and Abe told Andy in order to work things out to not to always believe what others say but to come and ask first and Rebecca said they have to communicate better. The host then asked about the rumour that Andy and Rebecca slept together and she said her ex-husband spread it around and Andy confirmed that they did, a long time ago, before Abe, when they were both drunk, but he regrets it and never would have if he knew she would have gotten with his brother.Abe said he wasn’t mad and that Andy always forgets and they have to forgive and move on, Rebecca apologized and Abe said they’re both stubborn and Andy announced he’ll be on the new version of the show in L.A, they all shook hands, hugged and made up, with Mary returning to the set as they reconciled.

Rebecca said returning home was the best feeling to go back to her family and they bought a house out in the country, Sabrina said she hadn’t seen her parents since NYC as they were doing mission work and when she finally did visit she wasn’t allowed inside the house and she’d worked as a waitress at an Italian restaurant and visited Abe and Rebecca, and Kate’s still modelling in NYC and did a photo shoot in Maxim magazine and is taking night classes for college, Jeremiah has a T-shirt business that takes him across USA and he hopes to expand into Canada, Mary is still shunned( for the second time) and it’s awkward and people won’t associate with her and it feels bad.

When asked their 5 YR plans, Rebecca hopes to sell cook books and Abe hopes to do educational things to help ex-Amish kids transitioning  to help them get their GED and jobs, Sabrina said she wants to be a rock star(half-jokingly) Mary wants to travel in an RV listening to redneck country music and drinking vodka, Kate hopes for a college career and to continue modelling and Jeremiah hopes to run a business but just takes one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Amish Brave New World Reunion Part 2.

  1. Just thought Rebecca drank alcohol only after Florida reunion.I was wrong as she drank years earlier and engaged with Andy in sex.Breaking Amish is all a lie,but still,the acting is top knotch.

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