One Thing.

Smarties ONE THING……

One thing …. we have that USA doesn’t: Smarties.

One thing…. I want now: A Chihuahua

One thing….I want to do before I die: move out of Canada

One thing…. I wish I could change in my life: pretty well everything

One thing…. I regret in my life: being ugly

One thing…. I wouldn’t change in my life: having my 10 YR old

One thing… I like about myself: my bald head

One thing…. I want to do within the next 5 YRS: move back to the city

One thing…. I’m proud of: Our oldest

One thing…. I don’t want to ever lose: my happy memories

One thing… I’m glad I did: Travel the world

One thing….I’ll never do: have an abortion

One thing…. the world agrees with that I never will: homosexuality

One thing…that annoys me: Animal-rights and enviro freaks

One thing…. I will never support: the military and war

One thing…. I will never give up: my belief in God

One thing….I wish I could do: be pretty

One thing…. I dream of: moving out on my own

One thing….that makes me happy: reading

One thing…I wish I could change: racism

One thing…I think is cool: hippos

One thing….I want more than anything: to be happy


As well, we had no hot water again, and the fridge is leaking and there was lots of water all over the kitchen floor and the 18  YR old “volun-told” me to clean it, which I did, but not because he told me, but because I didn’t want anyone to slip and fall and get hurt and he jeered that I did it because HE told me to(he’s always bossing me around like I’m a slave) and when I said everything we HAVE is shit he said we should save up $$$ and buy some GOOD appliances instead of cheap ones instead of going on cruises and when I told him that *I* haven’t GONE on the past 3 cruises(just my mother has) because I KNOW we haven’t GOT the $$$$ and we DO save up $$$$ but even so the cheap appliances are still the only ones we can afford he said she deserves to get away and go on the cruise and have a break though but I don’t because I “don’t DO anything,anyway” and then further insulted me by saying I “don’t have any critical thinking skills” and I’m dumb because I don’t know math and that’s why I only teach the lower grades with our homeschooling and my hubby has to teach highschool. I KNOW I’m not smart but it hurts that he always has to keep reminding me with his hurtful comments and it breaks my heart. My family always puts me down and it makes me cry. I pray to God and ask Him to make them stop but they won’t. I hate my life.

My hubby also didn’t care to even bother watching to see the 6 YR old’s milestone that he learned that I taught him to do swimming in the pool that he was waiting all day to show him,either; he just rushed back from work and then headed right out to his cards game, even when I told him, he couldn’t even bother for 5 minutes to stop to watch him even though it was really important to him, because what HE wants, and HIS redneck hobbies always comes FIRST and are more important, even more than his own kids! The 6 YR old was crushed that he blew him off and I was furious! He’s such a piece of shit, a shitty, shitty human being! I hate my life and my life with him and I really wonder with all the shit in my life if I’m doing my Purgatory NOW, here on earth instead…

We still have the ungodly heat as well and we have such extreme weather: oppressive heat in the summer and frigid cold in the winter.This heatwave isn’t even supposed to break until Sunday. Ugggghhhhh…..