Magical Summers.

Summer(new) Summer is almost magical when you’re a kid. The 2 months summer vacation seems endless and so full of endless possibility and adventure. You feel so free. I still fondly remember my summers as a kid which were the best times of my life. I went to camp every summer for 6 weeks from age 6-12. I went to visit 2 sets of aunts, uncles, and cousins, one who lived just outside the city,and another out in the country 2 HRS away from us and we had to take a coach bus up to see them as we didn’t have a car. They were also the ones we’d go camping and to the cottage with. I remember riding bikes with my cousins to farmer’s orchards and swiping apples,stuffing them down our shirts and the irate farmers chasing us out  of there as we pedaled like mad. I caught toads and frogs, waded in the creek behind their house, swam in the lake,and we went out in their motor boat. I also would always be outside from when I woke up until it got dark unless it was a day we’d play Hide ‘N Seek in the dark! I would hang out on my street and play with my friends. I wasn’t allowed to have a bike though as my mother said it was “dangerous” to have a bike in the city with all the traffic so I’d just borrow my friend’s and not tell her. We’d also use the skateboards. The 1970’s was a great time to be a kid(and there wasn’t the danger back then like there is now so I was free to go places alone and roam the city without fear) and the summers were the best.

As I got older, 13 and up, my friends J and S and I also took our life guard training every morning at our school pool all July and would hang out in the afternoons at the park or eachother’s houses. We’d also go to Centre Island or go shopping. We’d pick mulberries behind S’s apartment as well and one summer her Chihuahua had puppies and we’d go over there every day and play with them. S and I would also take our dogs for walks together. I remember as well one time she and I dressed up like Hippies and went downtown! My other friend D(who went to the French school and I’d only see her during the summer or over Christmas break) and I would also hang out at her place or mine and go to the park and fling the swings up around the poles to “save” them, and go to the 7-11 and buy Slushies and the French fry place next door and order French fries and gravy. Every August I’d also go to the CNE (The “Ex”) several times as it was so easy to get there; just hop on a streetcar and it would take me right there. Sometimes I’d go with my mother and other times with friends. We’d also go to the beach or to the public pool and swim and get suntans. I would spend all summer barefoot and D called me “Horse feet” as I would even climb fences with bare feet! We’d play badminton in my backyard as well and have a BBQ and annoy the neighbours.

Summers were magical as a kid.


As well, our second-oldest said in Japan(she’s going to teach at a highschool there next month) they said you’re not allowed to dress “Goth” as it’s a “bad influence” on the kids, so our 17 YR old ( who dresses Goth; all in black and dark, creepy, sinister,and ghoulish) wouldn’t do well there, so I’m NOT the ONLY one that thinks so,afterall, the 10 YR old(my only ally in the family) even called me “dumb” now ,too,copying  seeing how the others treat me, and the 18 YR old accused me of “making up” that I have a breathing problem, “just to be ‘lazy’ and not have to do anything”…so then 3 DOCTORS ( the ENT specialist who diagnosed me as a teen, my family doc, who told me NOT to exert myself(once she saw my oxygen sats) or I’d end up in the ICU, AND the neurologist who wants me to get a sleep study done as he’s concerned I even STOP breathing when I’m asleep) are ALL “making it up” then,TOO,and it’s all just one big conspiracy and HE knows MORE than THEY do, is that it?

I was also listening to beautiful Islamic and Hindu prayers sung on YouTube and it stirred my soul and warmed my heart and I wish that people would realize that most other religions share  more in *common* than have differences, and my hubby chewed me out as well saying I’m “inconsistent” because I didn’t skip over the triathlon when it was on the news even though I DO skip thru all other redneck sports when in actual fact it was just an oversight because I simply wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even realize it was even on….but I guess I’M not allowed to make a mistake because when I DO he’s all OVER me! I honestly think he just lies in wait for me to screw up….so that he can pounce and rub it in.