The Scare.

OPP We had scare, a really big scare. THIS is one of those things being a parent that causes me great anxiety, stress, and worry and that keeps me up at night. Our 18 YR old was 2 HRS late coming home from work and we were getting worried. Even if he walked or took the bus it should only take an HR so I had visions of him laying in the middle of the street mugged or hit by a car…..and then the O.P.P (police!) called and said he was at the police station; that he’d walked in but was incoherent and not making any sense and they asked us if he had a history of mental illness! My first thought is that he had a head injury and I was terrified! They brought him home and I intended to bring him to the ER for an evaluation but as it turned out it was just a big misunderstanding: he’d gotten lost walking home(it’s a new job and usually my hubby drives him) and asked an old lady for directions but she told him the wrong way so he got lost and went to the police station and while sitting there he was talking to someone beside him and in his usual twisted sense of  humour he told them this bizarre tale that  an old witch in the forest gave him the wrong directions and he got lost….so I can see WHY the police thought he was out of his mind! They must have thought he was a schizo! He’s also lucky they didn’t think he was a crack head and arrest him thinking he was high on drugs! (I told him the police don’t have a sense of humour and you can’t say things like that around them)I inspected him for injuries when he got home and he was fine; no bruises, bleeding, cuts,or any signs of trauma so he hadn’t been beaten up or in an accident, and he doesn’t do drugs, so he’s ok but I was soooo worried! I really don’t need this shit.

As if THAT wasn’t ENOUGH for one day, the 12 YR old also forgot to zip up the net on the trampoline and went flying out and landed on the top of her head and now I’m scared of head injury(which CAN take up to 24-48 HRS to develop) for HER but so far so good,  and I ate spicy Thai noodles and it was soooo hot that my nose ran, my tongue was burning and I couldn’t even  feel my lips, and got stomach cramps, and I LIKE, and am used to, hot spicy stuff,too, and my mother took our second-oldest out to eat at a restaurant, just the two of them and bought her a 100$ silver charm as well, still always the pampered Princess(some things never change) but the 6 YR old will feel “displaced” as her favourite now she’s back once again, and I’ve NEVER been special or anyone’s favourite, and my mother also sneered she hates it that I “always complain” but I’m just so unhappy in my life so what does she expect me to DO: fake it, lie, and pretend that everything’s ok and act like I’m all happy even though I’m miserable and I’m dying inside?