Our Pool.

OurPool This is our pool. It’s 20 feet by 40 feet, in-ground, cement and lined with tiles, 9 feet at the deep end. We’ve been pool owners for 10 YRS now, ever since we’ve lived in this house. At first we didn’t know a thing about pool ownership but now we’re old pros; now we even open it ourselves for the season to save $$$$ instead of having the pool guys do it! Now we also know about Ph levels, shocking, chlorine and alkalinity levels, stabilizer, algaecide, chlorine pucks, water testing,etc. We know how to vacuum it, backwash it, brush it, prevent and treat algae, scoop out with the net,and all the ins and outs of pool care and maintenance. We also know all the hassles,work, and expense that come with having a pool as well, such as the daily and weekly maintenance, the cost of chemicals and electricity(to run the pump) and water( to keep refilling) and repairs. It’s a money-pit, really, but it also provides us with much-needed relief to cool down in the summer and HRS of daily enjoyment for the kids,and they loved growing up having a pool.

As a kid I’d always wanted a pool but we lived in apartments until I was 12 and even then we only rented houses and couldn’t have one. It was just always a dream of mine I thought I’d never experience. We didn’t even own our own house until 1992. It was only 10 YRS ago that I was pleasantly surprised to finally have a pool at long last(when I had given up YRS ago) at age 36 but my kids were able to grow up with one so it was second-best! Of course now *I’M* the one that got stuck doing most of the care and maintenance though!

The water level’s down again,too; almost to the skimmer line and I had to run the hose  for 5 HRS to re-fill it back up again. Shit. It gives us so much trouble(and expense) every YR…..


As well, my prescriptions run out this month and with my doc retired now and I have no new doc(I’ve been on the referral list now for 2 months with no luck yet in finding a new doc) to renew them so we called the neurologist to see if he’d do it(seeing I’m in dire straights, esp. as one is for high blood pressure) but the hack who answered the phone flatly said no and to get back to the doctor referral(but we faxed him as well hoping it’ll get to HIM directly and by-pass the others in hopes he’ll say yes), so we called them but apparantly there’s some problem with our address; the postal code doesn’t “match” the street name(which is ridiculous) so they said I had to rectify it first BEFORE they can find me a new doc, so I went to their website and tried to get it straightened out there but it rejected it there TOO(  those gov’t websites NEVER work for me) the street was’t even listed, and it said I had to go in to their gov’t office, which I can’t do as they’ll see I have the older version of health card and want me to re-new it with the new photo ID(which has to be redone every 5 YRS, whereas the one I have now lasts forever and doesn’t have to be renewed and I want to keep it as long as possible until they phase them all out) so basically I’m just f*cked. I have no way of getting my meds renewed unless I wait all day at a walk-in clinic and have a doc there do it and my friend at church said they only renew for 3 mos(my doc did it for 6 mos) and there’s no way I’m waiting all day sitting at a clinic like that 4 times a YR and my hubby will complain he “doesn’t have  time” to keep driving me to all these appt’s(like he always does) as well, so I guess my only option left is to start “weaning” myself off my meds and go BACK to the migraines and high BP again. I’m just S.O.L.

I HATE this half-assed, ass-backwards inept country so MUCH! It shouldn’t BE this hard to get a doctor OR to get your prescriptions renewed. I’m also so MAD that nothing can ever just work out ,go right, or come easy for me. Why does everything ALWAYS have to be so HARD for me all the time,anyway?On top of that the PVR continues to skip over and delete only MY shows I have to record, yet still keeping everyone else’s ok. I swear the universe is out to “get” me. I have the WORST “luck” ever.