10 Signs You’re An Idiot.


10. “Push” and “Pull” signs confuse you


9. Spelling is difficult for you


8. You work for the government


7. You’ll spend $80 on a t-shirt


6. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars on a purse


5. You don’t understand the difference between your and you’re


4. You think sports matters


3. You think reality TV shows are meaningful


2. You think skin color makes a difference


1. You’re a liberal



1978 1978 was the BEST YR of my LIFE!!!! It was my fave. YR of all. I was 11 YRS old. It’s the YR I have the most happy memories and the YR that I was the happiest. I was in grade 5 ( Due to my birthday; I had to start school late and was a YR older than everyone else and they always thought I’d failed) I liked my school, my classmates, I had lots of friends, the bullying hadn’t started yet ( that wasn’t until grade 7) the Social Phobia hadn’t begun yet(I’m pretty sure is a direct result of the bullying) I was a normal, happy kid.  My mother and I visited my grandparents( my father’s parents; I don’t really remember my mother’s parents; they died when I was really young) every Friday for dinner, I saw aunts, uncles,and cousins over summer and Christmas, I had a great summer at camp ( I always did) seeing my friends Heidi and Marjorie( who I saw every summer from age 6-12) and the boys who taught me dirty jokes and songs and how to make rude “fart” noises under my arm pits, and just a great YR overall. I had a great YR that YR esp. with my friends Terri and Patty. I even remember a boy Chris in my class and I joking something about zucchini pumpkin and acorn squash. It sounds stupid now but at the time it was hilarious.

It was also a great time to be a kid; I would be outside  from when I got up until it got dark(except for school days) I would go everywhere by myself( it was alot safer for kids in those days, unlike today) I had fun at the park, I enjoyed the Disco era, beanbag chairs, my record player, 8-track cassette tapes, shag carpeting and other 70’s style decor and clothing, and even though we didn’t have computers and video games I was never bored; I always had fun and found something to do. I had friends, toys, outside,and an imagination. I played Tag, Hide-n’-Seek, I drew, coloured, played games, invented things, made up stories, forts, explored, camped out in the backyard, played with my dolls and other toys,went to the park, the beach, my friends’ houses, made prank phone calls, danced, did funny jokes and things on my cassette recorder, played with my gerbils, watched cartoons, etc. 1978 was the best YR of my life. 11 was the best age ever. They will both forever be imprinted into my memory as the best time of my life. It’s too bad that YRS later it would all go to shit and I’d never be happy again.


As well, my father-in-law(who is 80) is moving into an old folks home as he needs  extra care taking care of himself now, and in church yesterday a lady said to me afterwards, “Keep up the fight!” and when I said to her, “Say WHAT?” she said, about my bald head, “With your chemo!” thinking I have cancer, so I told her I originally shaved my head when my SON had leukemia YRS ago but he’s ok now but I decided to still keep it because I like it and it’s so easy-care,and then she said it looks good on me and that SHE’S a cancer survivor,too! At least she was nice about it,though; better than SOME of the comments I’ve had, such as “dyke”, “Lez”, “Skinhead”, “Butch”, “Neo Nazi”, etc. After church when the teens went to their youth group I also listened to reggae music( mostly Bob Marley) and stayed up late(for me) until 11pm to watch the series finale of a TV show I watch,too, as I DON’T trust the PVR  to record it for me( it’s always deleting shows I have set to record) and with MY “luck” it wouldn’t record it and I’d end up missing it and never find out what happened!

I also noticed a hissing sound from an aerosol can of shaving cream in the bathroom and suspected a hole; a leak of some sort so I put it under water to check and sure enough bubbles came out, confirming a hole, and I threw it out just in case it explodes like a bomb as I don’t want to be an accidental terrorist, and I heard on the news that USA might not pass universal healthcare as it’s “too expensive” but aren’t all their wars too expensive,TOO? (and isn’t it MORE expensive if people don’t have medical care, which is a basic human right)Wouldn’t it also be hilarious if their gov’t really DID shut down over it as well?


Blog Quiz.

Quiz BLOG QUIZ: I got this from Patti’s blog, “A Perfect Lily.”

1. What is your fave. blog post you wrote?

– One about why Hallowe’en is so evil and occult. It was also the day I got the most readers for a single day: 907.


2. If you could be any profession, what would it be?

-Airline pilot.


3. 3 blogs you read daily:

– “My Sweet Warrior Princess”, “Joel Evan Green” and ” Educated Abroad”


4. Do you like breakfast for dinner?

– No, I’d rather have dinner for breakfast.


5. Do you schedule your blog posts?

– Yes, in the sense that I do them the same time each day unless I’m out somewhere at that time and not at home.


6. What is your fave. song?

– Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face.”


7. What is your advice to someone starting a blog?

– I’ve been doing mine for 5 YRS now and my advice would be write about what you know and love. Write about your experiences. Expect hateful and mean comments whenever you put your life and your feelings out online. There will always be people that don’t agree with you and that will be cruel about it. There will always be trolls. Just consider where it comes from. You don’t have to publish EVERY comment. Just don’t publish the mean ones.


8. What inspires your blog posts?

– I write about my daily life, what happens in our family(both good and bad) funny things the kids say and do, my feelings, thoughts, musings, political leanings, complaints, beliefs,opinions on current events, I vent, I post about my hopes and dreams, my happy memories, so many things.


9. Why did you choose your blog name?

– “Pogue Mahone” is Irish Gaelic for “Kiss my arse.” I thought of it a few YRS ago when I was in Dublin to use it online as a screen name(I never use my real name for privacy and security reasons). It sounds like a real name and it also sums up pretty much how I feel about the world in general.


10. What are your fave. things to do?

– Read, sit out in the sun, travel.


11. A great book you’ve read?

– Too many to list: Of Mice And Men, Little Women, Tolstoy and Chekhov novels, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc.


12. Who would you most like to meet from blogland?

– Katherine from “Grass Stains”


13. Your fave. recipe for company:

– Cheese and spinach dip that’s served in the round loaf of bread(like a bowl) that’s been scooped out and you dip the chunks of bread( you took out of it) into it.


14. How many blogs do you read?

– 30(incl. my kids’ blogs) I was surprised it’s that many when I counted them!


15. What do you hope people take away from your blog?

– I hope it makes them think in a different way than the world thinks. I hope they can see things differently. I hope it opens them up to how a Christian sees things and from a pro-life Christian perspective; that they will be exposed to another point of view. That they will learn about homeschooling and pro-life and see what life with a large family and with having Asperger’s is like.


16. Fave. ice cream flavour?

– Tiger tail ( orange with licorice)


17. If today was your last day to live what 5 things would you do?

– Revise my will, see the priest and go to Confession, order the next YR’s school curriculum, tell everyone on my blog and Facebook goodbye, and spend time with my kids.


18. What bugs you about other people’s blogs?

– When they write sponsored blog posts! They look like ads so I just skip right over them!!


19. Do you read my blog or just skim it for the pictures?

– I read it, honest, but I enjoy the pictures,too!

The Dowry.

TenDollars Before my hubby and I got married, he paid me a dowry, or bride price, as as joke. I told him my fee was 20$ but it was his lucky day as it was a half-price sale, down to just 10$ so he gave me 10$, but YRS later he said he wanted his $$$$ back, that it wasn’t worth it , he got ripped off,and that he wanted a refund. That’s how *I* feel in LIFE,too; I want a refund. It wasn’t what I thought, expected, hoped for, dreamed of, or wanted, and I want my “money” back. I’m disappointed with the service, with the product, with the outcome, with the experience, with the quality, and with the goods.

As well, while baking, the stupid recipe was all in ounces and all our measuring utensils are in metric (ml) so it was really hard trying to figure it all out, there was a fat, drunken, half-naked redneck standing in the middle of the sidewalk in his underwear yelling at people walking down the street (people in this town are sooo gross!!) I have another yeast infection (again!) and THEN the medicine I took for it gave me diarrhrea, and the 10 YR old’s grasshopper died but it lasted for a MONTH which must be a new record as they normally only live 1-2 days after being captured!

Our minivan also got recalled; something comes loose and it can roll away while in park; Toyota is often having recalls and doesn’t seem to be very reliable so next time I think we’ll be buying something else,the kids left a piece of paper outside on the back porch and now there’s a muddy raccoon footprint on it, on the news they said a student at a highschool in Scarborough has tuberculosis (I remember my mother-in-law having that YRS ago) like in some Third World country, whenever the kids have to clean up  they sing the song from Les Miserables, “Look down, look down, you’ll always be a slave….” and about a game the 6 YR old said, “This is easier than your mother!” ( hearing the teen boys way too much) and then the 10 YR old asked me, “Are YOU easy,too?” and I told her, horrified, “NO!!!!”