Feast Of All Saints.

AllSaintsDay2013 O Almighty, Eternal God, Who has granted us to venerate the merits of all Thy saints in one solemnity, vouchsafe to us, we beseech Thee, through the multitude of our intercessors, that abundance of Thy mercy for which we ever have hoped.We ask this through Christ our Lord, Jesus Christ.Amen.

We offer Thee, O Lord, the gifts of our devotion, may they please Thee for the honor of all the just, and, by Thy mercy, profit us to salvation through the same Jesus Christ, Thy Son,Our Lord Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in unity with the Holy Ghost,God, world without end. Amen.


RobFord In May a scandal erupted about Toronto Mayor Ford that he was seen in an unverified video smoking crack but the video “disappeared” and he denied it existed and denied he smoked crack,and said it was a “witch hunt” and that people were lying and just out to “get” him. Now, this is true, his enemies HAVE have been after him right from the start; nit-picking and trying to bring him down over every little thing, but this time it turned out to be true: police have just released a statement that they have the video in their possession, obtained during a search and seizure during a recent drug and weapons raid. They discovered it on a hard drive on a confiscated computer on a file that had been erased but they were were able to retrieve. Due to the scandal 6 months ago they put the mayor under survellience, incl. wire tapping his phones, aeriel and ground survellience. During this investigation they got voice recordings and photos of him meeting with a drug dealer(who he’s admitted is also a friend and who has worked for him as a driver) and exchanging envelopes 100 times in clandestine locations, several phone calls a day and urinating in public, all actions unbecoming of someone in public office. Due to this the drug dealer has been arrested on drug charges and extortion(in relation to trying to get the tape back on behalf of the mayor) but so far anyway the mayor hasn’t been charged(even though any ordinary citizen would have) but a judge ordered the some 300-page court documents released to the media. This is only half of the documents and more will be forthcoming  later in the month.

So now the truth is finally out. Despite repeated lies and denials everyone knows the mayor does indeed have a drug problem but despite this he still refuses to resign(saying he “has no reason to”) even though the honourable and respectable thing to do now would be to just admit it, apologize, resign,and check himself into rehab and get the help that he needs, or at the very least take a leave of absence and go into rehab and then get back to work after he’s clean since he still IS the best mayor the city’s ever had and he is doing a good job, the drug scandal excepted(although this is his personal life and hasn’t affected his ability to do his job). I have to say I’m disappointed though as I was always one of his most loyal and staunchest supporters and I really wanted to believe at first he was innocent. I still think he’s doing a good job as mayor but feel betrayed mostly that he lied about it and covered it up even though I do also realize that’s what addicts do as well; they don’t see that they have a problem, they deny they have a problem, they lie, they cover it up, live a double life,and live in secret, but now it’s all blown apart there’s no hiding, so perhaps this is his “rock bottom” he had to hit in order to face the truth; no more hiding, where he can face the truth(now it’s all out in the open and everyone knows) and finally get help before he kills himself. Drugs can cause you to lose your job, your family, your reputation, or even your life. I feel badly for him even though with his actions he did bring this all on himself. I hope he can get help and move forward from here.