“Ketchup” Post.

KP2 Catching up on our lives recently:

– My hubby and the 19 YR old act like I need their “permission” to speak, talk down to me, and they’re always so condescending to me. I’m tired of always being treated like a second-class citizen in my own family. I hate my family and my life.

– I have to pay for my own tampons and deoderant(even though I only have 50$ a month to work with, not enough for my needs such as toiletries, razors,etc. and I don’t even have enough to buy clothing anymore) but no one else does; theirs comes out of the “community” $$$. Once again, I’m singled-out and treated differently than everyone else. I feel like an unwanted, unwelcome guest in my own home.

-Whenever I’m unhappy, mad, upset, or complain about anything my mother always snaps, “Be grateful!” as if I’m not even “allowed” to or have the right to be upset or express displeasure. She also thinks I have this “great” life. HA!

– My hubby took the kids out shopping and the 10 YR old wanted to go,too, but he told her there was “no room” in the van even though there was still one seat left over; they just didn’t want her to go. They’re always mean to her and leaving her out and treat her like they treat me. We’re the outcasts in the family, treated second-rate, and then they wonder why we stick together.

– Our oldest in Calgary said he got more snow again ( all we’ve gotten is LOTS of lousy rain!) and said he gets vacation from work in February and may come up for a week to visit us and a week to visit his friends in Montreal he went to university with. It’s not a good time to fly, but it’ll be nice to see him again. The last time we saw him was in the summer before he moved.

– The 10 YR old thought the “gluten free” on our muffins was “glutten free”, thought the caraway seeds on our bread were “mice poops” and said we had to throw it out, and spent 6 HRS on her math as she was “behind” ; my hubby said she never asks for help but she said she did but he was always too busy(and I can’t help her because I’m too dumb and can’t do math, which he hates me and blames me for,too)

– About Hallowe’en(Satan’s Day) being a Satanic and occult day my hubby sneered,”That’s just what YOU believe!” and I told HIM, “It’s what GOD believes; I just follow HIM and NOT Satan and the world!” and we got torrential rain all that day and night,too, so all the little Satanists got drenched( ha,ha) and I don’t know what I’m more tired of always hearing about all the time,either; that or the stupid World Series!

– Our cousins(who live in Europe) are now in Spain; they stay there all winter, like how people here go to Florida over the winter. I wish I could go with them!

– I saw the term “watering hole” and I thought it meant a pond or a lake; somewhere you go swimming and then found out it meant a loser bar where you drink alcohol! Oh, well….

– The 17 YR old’s always up in her bedroom and never comes downstairs and now she doesn’t even practice piano on the real piano in the livingroom anymore,either, but on the keyboard in her RM, and she never even speaks to me at ALL, and even the 12 and 14 YR olds only talk to me if they have to(because my mother’s turned them against me) and it really hurts.

-My hubby recorded a TV show on the PVR and it was an occult episode I tried to delete( as I forbid anything occult in our home) but he refuses to tell me the protected password so that I can’t delete anything, yet another way I’m oppressed and stifled, how I have no authority or “say” in my own home.

– The place where the 19 YR old used to work( and that fired him for fighting corruption) has been shut down and is now out of business! It serves them RIGHT for being so shady!

***** I’m not crazy; I’m just in the wrong place!! ******