Pick A Winner.

GooeyLouie I saw this commercial on TV for this gross game for kids called “Gooey Louie” ( pictured here) where you have to pull the sticky slimy boogers out of his nose by a certain time or else his brain pops out. I mean, who would think of such a thing?( some guy no doubt) and how gross is that? I thought “ewww!” and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Some people will buy anything these days! I also saw on the news the police said they have a second tape involving Toronto Mayor Ford (as well as the infamous one of him smoking crack) involving him doing something inappropriate so I wonder what that could be (either way it’s not looking good for him) and my mother says she gives him the benefit of the doubt and I did as well until the other day,too, but now the truth is out there and can no longer be denied. He’s since apologized for being drunk in public although not for the crack incident itself( he continues to deny and refuses to comment on) so words themselves are empty and mean nothing unless they are backed up by actions; he needs to actually DO something about it, like check himself into rehab, to show that he’s sincere, making an effort,and that he’s taking responsibility for his actions and that he really is sorry and is making changes.

Everyone’s wearing a poppy now as well for Remembrance Day on the 11th; it’s sort of expected, like brainwashed into doing(which is exactly why I DON’T, sort of a political protest) but I don’t as now it has mainly come to symbolize support for the current military( it used to be to remember fallen soldiers in WWI and WWII) who I don’t support as they are aggressors and oppressors, invading other countries, killing innocent civilians and stealing their resources such as oil. It used to be soldiers fought tyranny(such as against the Nazis) but now the modern-day military ARE the tyrants and there’s no way I support that! I’m also at odds with the teens who refuse to leave their Air Cadets 24 HR vigil early (from Sunday to Monday) for their church youth group but too bad; church comes FIRST, before Cadets, and when you get right down to it they’re lucky I even let them do the vigil in the first place, but they certainly aren’t missing their youth group to do it!

The 12, 14,and 17 YR olds also buy their own clothes now with their allowance $$$$ they save up because all we can afford now is stuff at the second-hand store and that’s not “good” enough for them, my hubby asked what time my show was recording at night and when I told him he goes, ” Oh, that’s ok” and I reminded him, “It’s ok, regardless; it’s my show and it’s recording either way; I AM allowed to watch stuff,TOO!” and whenever I point out anything my mother said or did or tell her something she doesn’t want to hear she accuses me of “putting her down” and thinks she’s the ONLY one that’s getting older and can no longer do what she used to,too(and it gives her special rights) even though we ALL are and MY health is even *worse* than HERS, the 19 YR old told me to “shut up!” and said to the 15 YR old about me, “Just ignore her!” and my hubby LIED to me again( he said he got the fried chicken they had “left over from the youth group” when in actual fact(the kids told me) they never even had chicken at the youth group; he BOUGHT it on the way home even though we’re not to spend $$$ on the Sabbath Day) and I’m so sick of it! He’s such a LIAR and he always lies about EVERYTHING all the time! He even lies about such stupid things and little things and then he wonders why I DON’T trust him and never believe him! I’m so tired of all his lying all the time! One thing I can’t stand are  liars! He even blamed me FOR his lying as well( everything’s always MY fault) because *I* “always go on and on” and my mother sneered he’s “just telling me what I want to hear.” So it’s even my fault he lies,too?  He even lies about reading my blog; he says he doesn’t when I know he does( he even subscribes to it) and I don’t care either way if he reads it or not, so it’s not like  telling me what I want to hear, so why LIE about it? I HATE liars and everyone always lies to me and I’m so sick of all the lies.

I hate my family and I hate my life. I wish I never met my hubby and I wish I never had kids. They treat me like shit and I wish I was dead. My life sucks.