This And That.

ThisAndThat – My Facebook friend in Ireland got her brain tumor biopsy results back: luckily NO cancer, and will likely have surgery to remove the tumor in 2 weeks or so( not like here where you wait MONTHS!) and she “outed” herself on Facebook as a lesbian as well and challenged anyone who had a problem with it to de-friend her; I won’t; I didn’t know but I don’t care either way; that’s her business.

– For about an HR I had these piercing bad pains in my stomach and abdomen I could hardly move and it felt like my guts were being twisted into a knot and for awhile there I even wondered if I might have even had a bowel twisting or obstruction but it ended up to just be gas cramps! It’s amazing how incredibly painful gas can be!

– Yesterday I read 3 blogs in a ROW that STILL had posts about Hallowe’en (Satan’s Day) even though I’d thought by now it would be over and I wouldn’t have to HEAR about it for another YR(I just can’t seem to get away from it!) and a few days ago another where one’s a Christian so I left a comment saying I’m surprised she’d celebrate it, being a deeply Satanic and occult holiday and that I didn’t expect to see that but she didn’t publish it( big surprise, ha,ha) and another blog in Kuwait said when the authorities saw some stores were selling Hallowe’en stuff they made them pay fines and when the Ministry of Education found out about the(private) schools'(for foreigners) Hallowe’en parties they shut them down! Good for them!  Islam doesn’t go for the occult,either, and they see Hallowe’en for the evil day it really is, glorifying Satan and the demons and an affront to their religion!

– Toronto Mayor Ford(after repeated denials) finally admitted he DID smoke crack, although said it was only once (which I doubt) but he’s still not resigning and I think what he should do is take a medical leave and check himself into rehab and then get back to work; he’s still a good mayor but he also needs to take care of himself, and his brother said the police chief should resign for investigating the mayor, saying that he’s “biased” against him when actually he’s just doing his job!

– The 15 YR old asked me, “Why are we such rednecks?” and I told him, “Speak for yourself!” and “You get it from Papa,and I try to discourage it but everyone always fights me every step of the way!” and then he says I’M one,too, even though I DON’T smoke or drink, and don’t even like sports, country music, wrestling, NASCAR, bowling, UFC, monster trucks,, etc. and my hubby said ,”Rednecks work hard” even though they’re mostly all on welfare( like 70% of the people in this town) so how is that “working hard” exactly?

– The 12 YR old said she can’t wait to be an adult and I told her, “No, you don’t, being an adult sucks; you’ll end up married to someone who treats you like shit, have kids that hate you, and worry about money all the time. Being a kid is the best time of your life so enjoy it now while you can!”

– I was in the kitchen at the counter getting my lunch and my mother wanted to use it and she tried to push me out of the way and sniffed, “It’s just something for YOU!” and whenever I need something her and my hubby always tell me I’m “selfish” incl. such incredibly selfish things like using the stove to heat my food, or needing a ride to go to the clinic to get my prescriptions re-newed. If it’s just something for me it’s not important , doesn’t matter, is the least important, and the last on the list of priorities.

– I’m so short of $$$ now I had to let my magazine subscriptions run out as well and not re-new as I just don’t have the $$$ anymore now for any “extras.”

– The Senate has (wisely) voted to suspend those 3 senators without pay( but still only for 2 YRS and with full benefits) for their false expense claims and wasting tax payers’ $$$$$, lying, cheating,  and fraud. Now if only the RCMP would charge them,too….

– I joined the White Poppy For Peace campaign; instead of the traditional red poppy which supports military, veterans and war, this one supports peace and the innocent victims of war. Now THIS is a poppy I WOULD wear!