Leif Garrett.

LeifThen Today is Leif Garrett’s birthday. He’s 52. Here’s what he used to look like back in his heyday, back when he was a teen idol in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when he was the “Justin Bieber” of his time. I was a huge fan, BTW, when I was around 12 or 13. I had pictures and posters of him plastered all over my wall, collected all the “Tiger Beat” magazines featuring him,and even went to his concert! Looking back now I think he looks “gay” with his long hair, but it was stylish at the time and I was a swooning star-struck young girl.

LeifNow….and here’s what he looks like today! Notice any difference? THIS is what YRS of cocaine and heroin have done to him. Now he’s struggling with drug addiction and is in and out of jail. He’s a washed up has-been. His prime was in his teens and then he made bad choices and threw it all away, common to many child stars and teen idols. Fame destroys them. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him to have had it all( the good looks, the fame,the fortune) and then to lose it all; it would be even harder than for someone like me, for example, who’s never had it to begin with( so I don’t know what I’m missing) it’s easier to never have had it in the first place than to have it and lose it yet he has no one to blame but himself(by getting into drugs) yet it’s still sad what’s become of him. It’s sad to see how people’s lives can be destroyed and how those you admired really are; nothing to admire afterall. Looks, fame,and fortune are fleeting.

Yet another Hollywood tragedy.

Meet Our Oldest!

Penguin(new) The 10 YR old suggested to me that I should write up little profiles about each of the kids introducing everyone so today I start off with our oldest: he’s 24, likes penguins, cows, and scarecrows. His favourite TV show is “Breaking Bad”, he likes to do Judo and skydiving, gourmet cooking, and graduated university earlier this YR( after 5 YRS as he wrote his Honours Thesis) with Honours and at the top 5% of the university with a degree in Business and Finance and now is a banker in Calgary with his official job title “Financial Services Representative.” He’s been homeschooled his entire life(up until university) and has always been really smart, excelled, and been an exceptional student. I remember one summer when he was 6 YRS old he read the entire “Hardy Boys” series of books and when he was just 4 he’d memorized Bert’s(on “Sesame Street”) big long “National Association of W Lovers” spiel! He started reading when he was 2 yRS old and right from the beginning I knew he was smart and that he was going to succeed.

I was in labour with him for 24 HRS and he was 4 days over due and I remember when I held him for the first time telling him “You might end up being an only child!”(little did I know at the time God planned I’d still end up having 10 MORE kids after him!)He was almost 8 pounds at birth and now he’s over 6 feet tall! Of all my kids he’s the one that I’m the most proud of and he still continues to amaze me. I can’t believe it’s been that long since he was born,and when I was the age he is now he was already 2 YRS old! Even though he lives far away from us he’s still always close to my heart and I still worry about him, think about him,and pray for him every day. He’ll always still be my little boy.


As well, the 10 YR old drew a moustache  on herself with marker for sewing class for “Movember” (bringing awareness to men’s cancers) because she said her attempts to grow one weren’t working out too well, the next-door neighbours are moving due to trouble with their landlord, I read on a blog something called “adrenal fatigue” which may explain my ailments as well: when your body’s under extreme stress for extended periods of time( it’s been YRS for me with all the back-to-back traumas I’ve been thru) your adrenal glands get depleted and your body suffers and you end up with nausea, fatigue, aches and pains,and moodiness. It sure makes sense…..I’m just….depleted.

Toronto Mayor Ford was also seen in yet another embarrassing video, a second one, showing him drunk( or high) ranting, raving,and swearing, and threatening to kill someone, and his erratic behaviour has gotten so out of control and he’s embarrassing himself that now even his closest allies are demanding that he take time off and get help. Hopefully now since he’s seen the video himself he’ll SEE for himself how his actions look, how he comes across, how others see him, how he behaves, what a fool he makes of himself, what a disgrace he is,what his addictions are doing to him, and check himself into rehab. He needs help but he doesn’t seem to see it; he’s in denial and needs to face reality and seek treatment. It’s too bad though; I feel sorry for the guy. He’s a good mayor but he does need help.It’s gotten out of control. He needs to take a leave of absence and take care of himself.