Introducing Our Second-Oldest.

Elephant(new) Next in my series of the kids’ profiles is our second-oldest. She’s now 23 YRS old. She graduated university this YR and now lives in Japan and teaches English. It has always been her life-long dream to live in Japan and she has always loved all things Japanese, incl. the culture, the language (which she has learned and is continuing to learn) the food, and anime. She also loves elephants, reading, and music. When she was a baby she had a severe milk allergy and had to drink a special soy formula, she still gets ezcema even today and has allergies, and she had colic as well and screamed( not cried, but screamed) 24 HRS a day for 2 YRS straight and drove everyone crazy! Needless to say she  was a VERY difficult baby and it was only by the grace of God that we all survived!It certainly affected my ability to bond with her and was a real strain on the entire family.

When she was 9 months old she was also kidnapped; my hubby gave her to his crazy sister( who has 4 boys of her own but was unable to have any more kids and was obsessed with wanting a girl) where she was also molested and they refused to give her back so I had to go to court where the judge ordered her returned to me and the police went and apprehended her but she was returned home traumatized(and we got her professional help for) due to the ordeal(which continued on for YRS into her childhood as well, incl. severe behavioural problems) and the abuse. Following this my hubby and I split up for awhile and a nasty custody battle ensued which we eventually worked out(and thru counselling) and got back together but my trust in him was irreparably broken and would never be the same again, and due to the molestation issue( which he continues to deny to this day even though experts incl. psychologists and a psychiatrist have attested to) I have forbidden his sister to ever see the kids again. She is also my mother’s favourite and has always been over-indulged and coddled  by her, turning her into a pampered spoiled princess, and due to that we’ve never been close. Our second-oldest definitely had the most traumatic and memorable childhood of all of the kids, and one that has caused tremendous strain and extreme stress for everyone.


As well, I had a dream about Yuri ( a Chihuahua I had some 29 YRS ago) that he was restored to me; that I had him back again now, just as I have also had similar dreams about Teeniea( another Chihuahua I had as a teen) wanting so badly to get one again now, yet my hubby forbids it and won’t let me get one, saying dogs are too much trouble, even though it would be the closest way I could “relive” my happy past,but I’m stifled and oppressed, we saw a flyer from a local store and it honest-to-God had ads for-get this- camo FURNITURE! I’m not joking! Camo couches and reclining chairs! I’ve never even heard of such things! I mean, how redneck can you possibly GET? This town is SO redneck and this only proves it! We had the roofer over as well to estimate the damage to our roof ( shingles blew off) following the bad wind recently and he said it would cost 4000$ to fix so we called the insurance to see if they’d cover it (if they don’t then we’re just S.O.L because we just don’t have the $$$$ and there’s no way we can afford it) and they’ll be sending a claims adjuster over sometime next week to come and see but with OUR “luck” they probably won’t….