The 14 And 12 YR Olds.

MinionToday’s profiles of the kids are the 8th and 9th kids, the 14 and 12 YR olds. The 14 YR old’s in grade 9 where she really notices the increased work load this YR in highschool as compared to the lower grades( and grumbles about it, how much harder it is and how long it takes) and is interested in astronomy and film making and after she graduates will likely pursue one of those. She also likes fish, Minions( seen in the photo here; she’s obsessed with them,actually) from “Despicable Me”, zebras, purple, Minecraft, mermaids, “The Hunger Games”, reading, science, dance, “Nova”, and “Criminal Minds.”

GiraffeBaby The 12 YR old’s in grade 7 and has a passion for fashion and wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and also likes giraffes, hamsters, pink, anything cute, mermaids, One Direction, gymnastics(and takes lessons and is at level 6) “Mythbusters”,   “Liv” dolls, “LaLaLoopsy”, and “American Girl” dolls.When she was little she was running around the house as well and ran(at high speed) right into the wall splitting her head open(the flesh all separated and you could see the “meat” and she still has a scar today) and had to go to the hospital where they “glued” her forehead together, and in labour with her I decided to try the epidural again( after not having it with the last 3 kids before her after the mishap with baby # 5) and of course they did it wrong again( why DO these things ALWAYS happen to ME?) and they accidently hit the spinal fluid and I got the* *WORST** spinal headache ever( even worse than my killer migraines which I rate a 9/10 on the pain scale; it felt like the top of my head blew right off ( I imagine this must be what an aneurysm must feel like)and I had to lay down flat on my back for the next 12 HRS to lessen the effects of it and they were talking of maybe having to do a “patch” (inject my own blood into my back into the spinal fluid to “balance” it out) but luckily never did.


As well, I had a “manic” day yesterday which I am always grateful for as I rarely have them ( generally 1-2 days a month) and they are few-and-far-between and don’t last long; the “depressive” days are much more common and a “manic” day I feel energetic,talkative, and upbeat; like a rare glimpse of a  sunny day during the rainy season, and I lost Facebook friends as I don’t support the military or war and pray for victims of war, for peace,and to end all war; some people de-friend people over every stupid little thing,and with Remembrance Day yesterday the war vets from WWI and WWII that actually DID fight for freedom(not like the military today who are the aggressors and fight unjust wars) must really be disappointed and feel cheated and betrayed now with how little freedom we really DO have in this country now(and this country isn’t even worth fighting FOR) and how “Orwellian” and “Big Brother” it’s become!

The 19 YR old also applied for a job at the new “Dollar Store” opening up(he’s desperate for a job and applies everywhere) even though he hates it and doesn’t even want to work there(and hopes he doesn’t get the job) and says it’s the “lowest of the low” and if he works there he’ll “hate every day” of his life and I told him,”Welcome to MY world!” and he and the 15 YR old were practicing their jiu-jitsu and he choked the 15 YR old so hard that he was gasping, coughing, choking,dizzy, and almost blacked out, and I had weird dreams,too: one where I tried to delete something occult recorded on the PVR but my hubby took the batteries out of the remote so I couldn’t, and another where I cut my finger longways all the way down the middle and it was hanging there in 2 halves,flapping away,  and I showed everyone saying, “Uh, I guess I should go to the hospital and get this stitched…uh, no, I think I might actually need surgery for it!” and “Doesn’t it look cool?”and it was hanging there yet wasn’t even bleeding and didn’t even hurt and my hubby’s face was pure white when he saw it and he looked like he was going to faint!