Turtle Boy.

Turtle(newest) Today’s final profile of the kids is our last child, our youngest,our 11th child, the 6 YR old. He’s in grade 4 because he’s this incredible genius,and so much so that even the older kids come to him for help in math! He likes turtles,dinosaurs,math, “Sonic”,and likes to play “Mine Craft”, “Mario”, and Kirby” and his favourite colour is green. I had him when I was 40 YRS old and also had Obstetric Cholestasis(although at first they didn’t believe me because it’s so rare and they said I “didn’t ‘look’ and ‘act’ sick enough” until my blood work came back and confirmed it) and had liver failure; I was jaundiced( my skin and whites of my eyes were yellow) was lethargic and so tired all I wanted to do was sleep all day and could hardly even get out of bed, weak, my upper belly felt “full” (even more so than usual while prego) loss of appetite, weight loss (I lost 6 pounds in a week!) and had this intense maddening itch all over, from the inside-out; so bad it kept me awake and I woke up during the night scratching my skin raw and bleeding( due to the bile acid salts  in my bloodstream) and looking back it was likely related to my gallbladder issues( I had it removed last YR) and he was induced at 37 weeks due to it as there’s a very high risk of sudden stillbirth from 38 weeks.

He was 6 pounds 10 oz at birth which was good being born 3 weeks early but was a difficult baby; he cried alot, was fussy,and was hard to feed. Even though he’s very smart he’s also very tempermental and still has these raging violent tantrums and I don’t think he’s quite “right” in the head; he says and does things that I find disturbing, such as pushing people down the stairs, telling them to die, hurting his siblings, telling me he hates me and to leave home and go away forever and never come back, etc. With our second-oldest grown up and moved out now( she lives in Japan) the 6 YR old has now “replaced” her as my mother’s new favourite and is now the one she coddles, over-indulges, spoils, pampers, and has turned into a brat, which doesn’t help with his behaviour.


As well, the 19 YR old has a cold so my hubby practiced jiu-jitsu with the 15 YR old as his partner but he hit him in the nose and gave him a nosebleed so to as “payback” he showed him the bloody tissue with the big clot on it and he grossed-out and started dry-heaving( it was so funny) and then when he fell asleep I wrote “gay” on his forehead with a marker for a joke, the 12 YR old walked in the kitchen where the 10 YR old and I were eating and then noticed the 14 YR old eating in the diningroom so she leaves us and went in with her huffing, “I’m going to eat with someone I LIKE!” and my hubby, the 19 YR old, 15 YR old, 14 YR old, and 12 YR old all ganged-up on me again(I’m always the butt of everyone’s jokes) saying I’m “mean” to the mustard( I seriously don’t know WHERE they even GOT that from; I was just putting it on my hotdog) and they say that I hate and am mean to yellow things because I hate The Simpsons and Sponge Bob, even though I don’t like them because The Simpsons is crass, vulgar,and immoral, and Sponge Bob is dumb( not to mention the ugliest cartoon I have EVER seen) and they said I hate Tweety,too(even though I don’t) just because I made a comment “Big head, no shape” and said he must have hydrocephalus, but it was just an observation; I don’t have anything against him! They always hassle me and give me a hard time over everything all the time and I’m so sick of it. It’s NOT “funny” and they know how much it hurts me but they just don’t care. My life would be alot more bearable if they’d just STOP always picking on me all the time but they won’t.

On the news they also said as well as the crack scandal Toronto Mayor Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs while in office over the past 2 YRS, and newly uncensored court documents revealed drunk driving, alcoholism, cocaine use, him using the services of prostitutes, and having an affair, and police interviewing people he works with and them all saying he has drug and alcohol problems he denies(most of whom he fired for telling him he needs help) and City Council voted in a motion overwhelming over 44 (only 5 against) for him to take a leave and get help yet he still defiantly refuses and this just keeps on getting worse and worse. They say there’s even MORE “bombshells” to be released in more documents soon as well, but what MORE can there possibly be LEFT? How much WORSE can it GET?

I like this quote from Joni Eareckson Tada as well which pretty much sums up my life: “Sometimes pain and suffering is God’s way of giving us a strong desire for heaven.”