Bon Voyage!

Airplane(blog) Later tonight my mother(and the 14 and 15 YR olds) leave for their Caribbean cruise! Actually they don’t leave for the cruise until tomorrow afternoon but the airport shuttle picks them up tonight and takes them to the airport hotel overnight as they have an early flight out tomorrow morning and then they board the ship in the afternoon but they’re still leaving FOR their trip tonight. They’ll be gone for 2 weeks and come back on the 30th. They’ve all been to the Caribbean before( so have I a couple of times but I didn’t want to go back to the same places again and again as it’s boring; I’d rather go somewhere different, and besides, I don’t have the $$$$ now,anyway, although neither does she; she used the $$$ from our pool over the summer, $$$ instead of for the kids’ savings bonds, etc. for her trip instead).I’ve also had to keep hearing about her trip on and on forever as well(and she tells everyone she sees too, bragging to sales clerks and everyone else she runs in to and never shuts up about it) so now at least I won’t have to keep listening to her anymore,either! The bad thing is though is they’re taking the camera so we won’t be able to take any photos for 2 weeks!

I’m looking forward to her not being here for 2 weeks; to her not interfering and meddling all the time, to her not always over-stepping boundaries with my kids, to her not turning my own kids against me, to not having to listen to her constant criticism and snarky comments, always blaming me for everything,and to always coddling and over-indulging the 6 YR old, so it’ll sort of be like a “break” for me,too, with her gone, but of course I’m also stuck doing all the work,too; I’ll be doing 2 people’s work( hers and mine) all on my own(and it’s too much work all for 1 person and will be overwhelming) so I’m not looking forward to THAT( to which she smirked,”Can’t you just be happy for US?” always thinking about herself) and of course the kids hadn’t even packed until last minute and the 15 YR old found out his bathing suit didn’t fit; he’d outgrown it since the summer so he had to scramble around and find the 19 YR old’s one and borrow his( luckily he found it as you can’t exactly find them in the stores this time of YR) and wasn’t sure where his T- shirts were,either, and had to look all over the house for them, and just threw them in the washing machine the day before to get washed and went to the bank to exchange his $$$$ the day before as well; it never occurred to him to plan ahead and do any of this ahead of time( even though I *told* him to!) and it’ll be nice as well to not have to listen to the 15 YR old’s insults, mouthing off to me and talking back, or the 14 YR old’s snotty comments( such as ,”I’ll eat when I WANT to eat and NOT when YOU tell me to!” when I called her for lunch) so it’ll be good for everyone!

As well, our oldest had a client at work that invested 400 000$ (it must be NICE to be rich!!) meanwhile 2 of our toilets don’t flush and I HATE it that nothing ever works and everything we have is shit and we’ll never be able to sell this shit-hole house; it was ok when we moved in but the kids wrecked it and now everything’s all falling apart and we can’t afford to fix it.I feel like we live in a slum. My friend from grade 8’s older brother( who I used to have a crush on when I was 14 and still remember well) has cancer now,too(he’s around 51 now) and it’s good I never did end up with him afterall,though as he ended up to be an alcoholic and just worked as a manager at a discount store. His first wife died too when she slipped in the bathroom and fell and hit her head on either the sink or the toilet and his second wife ended up being mean to his daughter, who’s now in her 20’s. It’s so sad and I hope he can beat this and will be ok. The 6 YR old also had idioms and palindromes in his school lessons and I had to have someone else help him with as with my Asperger’s I don’t understand the idioms( figures of speech and “old lady sayings” such as “Get the ball rolling”,etc.) and with my perception problem I can’t do the palindromes(esp. trying to see sentences in reverse) because I can’t reverse things,and with my limits it’s with things like this that I really notice how much it really does impair me and my life and it makes me feel really dumb.