Things I’ll Never Be.


– Pretty

– Thin



– Happy

-Young again


– Like other people

– A redneck

– A slut

– A stripper

– In jail

– A terrorist

– An alcoholic

– In rehab

– A man

– Hairy

– A rocket scientist

– A zombie

– A murderer

– On the “Most Wanted” list

– A proud Canadian

– A sports fan

– Naked in public

– A criminal

– Gay

– Lucky

– Smart

– A circus performer

– Prime Minister

– Academy Award winner

– Member of the U.N

– A time traveller

– Drunk driver

– Pregnant again

– A dog owner again(as much as I want another Chihuahua)

– Confident

– Atheist


As well, our oldest in Calgary got another blizzard and this has been his 3rd big snowfall and we haven’t had ANY snow at ALL so far yet and yesterday it was a mild 13 C and we just got more stupid rain( I’m so sick of all this yucky rain!), the 10 YR old thought the Statue of Liberty was holding an ice cream cone and when I told her it was actually a torch she was surprised and goes, “Really?” and the 6 YR old thought you pronounced the “h” in “honest!” In church yesterday a lady also went in the confessional for confession just as the priest was coming out and instead of going back in to hear her confession he told her he was done and she had to leave! I thought it wasn’t very nice and that he should have at least gone back in and heard her confession; I mean, what if it was something really important that just couldn’t wait? What if she now has to wait with a heavy heart and burdened for another WEEK? I thought that was really mean, actually!

I also found out the 17 YR old every time she uses the microwave she opens and closes the door repeatedly over and over 4-5 times each time she takes her food in or out and keeps pushing the button in and out over and over,too, which can’t be good for the microwave and will break it(and would explain why they never last for too long and we go thru so many of them) like some kind of bizarre ritual. She’s just SO weird and just  keeps on getting weirder, and (so far, anyway) I’m doing ok on my own doing all the work by myself (it’s NOT too overwhelming)with my mother away in the Caribbean, I just take one day at a time, each day as it comes, and I’m more capable than I thought!