My Christmas List.

C1The 10 and 12 YR olds wrote their Christmas Wish List on their blogs so I decided to write mine. Here’s my Christmas list, what I want for Christmas this YR:

A Chihuahua, to bring back happy memories of a happy time in my life, a reminder of my happy past I wish I could relive.

H1A hippo, real or otherwise.(Who DOESN’T want a hippopotamus for Christmas?)


OMF An “Original Mental Face”( similar to the one seen here) otherwise known as “OMF” – an inside joke I have with the 10 YR old.


1EB A “One-Eyed Buttle”(like the one seen here) with the 10 YR old, an affectionate thing we have(but she’s stingy with so I only get it on special days such as Christmas, my birthday, or Mother’s Day)

S1 Snow!(the same thing I want every YR for Christmas…and it’s free!)


As well, I saw a mouse run by in the kitchen(coming in from the cold now winter is coming) so I set up the trap in the cupboard again, I read on a blog they put up their Christmas tree already as their kids talked them in to it but they’re embarrassed and refuse to open their curtains up until December, not wanting their neighbours to see, and the kids are complaining about the food I cook( the 6 YR old even threatened to throw it in the garbage) and don’t eat it so I said I’m going on strike then and will just STOP cooking and they’ll be on their own! I’m so sick of this shit! Why waste my time cooking if no one’s going to eat it? They’re such ingrates!They also complain I make them wash their own dishes( but it’s not my job to clean up after everyone) and say it’s(they way I do things) not how my mother does it  and they want her to come back( she’s in the Caribbean 2 weeks) and it really gets on my nerves; comparing me to her( and I always come up short) making me feel inferior and I’ve had enough.

I hate this family. I hate this town. I hate this country. I hate where I live. I hate my life. I want to trade. I want a refund.

I’m so unhappy.

F*ck it.



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