This And That.

ThisAndThat – The scoundrel across the street’s mistress is now finally parking in his driveway( instead of hiding elsewhere on the street so neighbours won’t see their secret shame) now more brazen with their affair, so I wonder if maybe he’s officially left(or even divorcing?) his wife now and they’re taking their adultery public?

– We’ve been getting mail delivery twice a DAY( morning and late afternoon) every day all last week! When I lived in California we used to get it on Saturdays ( 6 days a week as opposed to 5 days a week here) but never twice a DAY, which is weird, so when I saw the mail carrier(when I had to sign for something) I asked her and she said every 4 YRS they lay off lots of people so the ones left have to work double-shifts, twice as long as they still have the same volume of mail to deliver, and it lasts for 2 weeks.

– The 19 YR old’s been eating everyone’s food, whining we “don’t have any food”. He even tried to eat a whole head of lettuce which I snatched out of his hands and told him it’s for everyone, for dinner to have with the chicken wraps, not just for him,and he also ate  all the chips that were for everyone to share,too,and when I told him not to he called me “stupid”, “dumb” and told me to “f*ck-off!”

– Vancouver is banning DOOR KNOBS! Just when you think this fascist Nanny State country(that bans, regulates,and outlaws everything) can’t possibly get any MORE Big Brother and retarded than it already is it goes and does something so incredibly ridiculous like THIS!! I mean, DOOR KNOBS? Really?

– The only half-good store here in “Bumble-F*ck” (that sells imported goods) is going out of business. Figures.Now all we have is Wal-Mart.

– I read in the news an Israeli family emigrated to this country but didn’t like it (I can see why) and then moved to Florida, and a couple here are retiring and moving to South Africa as well; NO ONE likes it here. I wish I could leave too but it not only costs so much to move, you also need so much $$$$ in your bank account to be ABLE to immigrate, before the other country will even accept your immigration application(and I’m broke). Believe me, I’ve looked into it.

– Luckily insurance WILL cover the 4000$ cost of the damage to the roof from the wind storm, we just have to pay 500$. We had to get quotes from 2 companies and they were both similar except one was next to no paper work and the other was lots of paper work. Guess which one we chose? They’re coming Monday for us to sign authorization and to get the 500$ and then they can get started on the work!

– I don’t miss my mother( now away in the Caribbean for a week, with another week left to go) at all, and in fact it’s been really nice with her NOT here to belittle and insult me, and without her snarky comments, criticism, blame, and maltreatment, and my theory of the 14 and 15 YR olds being the culprits thumping  that make all the noise during the night that always wake me up ended up to be right as ever since they’ve been away it’s been quiet at night(even though the other kids are still here) and I’ve been able to sleep, so it WAS them afterall, just like I’ve always suspected! It’s been a break for me as well with them gone!

– I saw on the news that medicines here cost 3 times MORE than in France, Germany,and the UK, 5 times more than in USA,and 22 times more than in New Zealand. Once again, we’re always being  cheated and over charged for everything. Canada sucks and we’re always getting ripped off!

– It looks like the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) knew all along about the Senate spending scandal based on what the police are saying( and other documents) and tried to cover it up AND then tried to dissuade the independent auditors from looking into it as well! The RCMP are investigating it as well as the PM himself and how much he knew, despite claims he didn’t. If found guilty he could be kicked out of office( it would serve him right!) or maybe even arrested or charged with treason for lying and deceiving the country. I swear the gov’t is sooo corrupt and this country sucks ass! They’re also trying to sneak in the Internet survellience law(where the Big Brother gov’t can spy on citizens’ Internet use without a warrant) into the so-called anti-bullying cyber law so no one will notice, trying to get it passed and sneak it past but someone DID notice so hopefully it will be defeated. It originally WAS defeated before when it was plain and clear what the intent was, so that’s why now they’re trying to disguise it and sneak it in with the anti-bullying cyber law, the sneaky bastards. I swear to God I HATE this country so much. It just makes me sick.