The Facebook Kiss-Off.

Facebook It’s happened yet again. Another cousin de-friended me on Facebook. This is the third cousin to do so and I never said or did anything to deserve it(unless I posted something he didn’t like or something?), we never even got into any arguments or anything; he just de-friended me, just like that and I thought he was one of the nice ones, too, and even though I’ve lost lots of Facebook friends( easily 50 or more) that have de-friended me the more they got to know me it hurts even more when family does it, as opposed to strangers you met over the Internet that didn’t know you personally before, although 2 out of the 3 cousins that de-friended me aren’t REALLY family as they’re not blood relatives(this one’s widowed mother married my uncle after he was already born and my uncle adopted him) but rather came into our family thru marriage or adoption, but even so….

I sent him another friend request so at the very least to call him out on it to let him KNOW that I noticed and I guess he felt guilty and I “shamed” him into friending me again because he accepted my friend request again and added me back!It really hurt though that he discarded me like that in the first place, esp. when he first moved here from Europe with his first wife(and kids) in the 1980’s I was one of the first people to welcome him, and we had our first family reunion at his house 12 YRS ago as well and he seemed so nice and I really liked him so his snub was extra hurtful.  Another cousin that de-friended me married my cousin and when she abandoned her family 25 YRS or so ago I was the only one that defended her and stood up for her when everyone else bad-mouthed her; I said she was probably just too young and overwhelmed and there must have been a reason and  there must have been more to the story( and as it turned out she was in an abusive marriage) and then she turns around and de-friends me for no reason and when I sent her a message asking her why her lame reply was that she never even realized she did it and never did it on purpose….yet never did accept my friend request afterwards, and the other cousin that de-friended me I’ve known him ever since he was a little kid!

I’ve been rejected my entire life: by my parents, by my family, by my friends, by my peers, by my classmates, by guys, by guys I liked, by the guy I loved, by my coworkers, even by my own kids, so now I’m extra “sensitive” to being dismissed and discarded like that, just tossed away like garbage, like I’m worthless and unimportant, like I don’t matter, no one wants me or likes me, and I’m always being rejected. It never stops and the pain never lessens. Everyone always hates me and I seem to drive everyone away(“thanks” Aspergers!). It’s stupid as well how so many people are so quick to de-friend people too because they have a different opinion than they do, and how one disagreement or differing viewpoint can cause people to discard their friends just like that, whereas I have friends with all different beliefs, opinions, and views: gays,liberals, Communists, Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc. different than my own yet still my friends and I won’t de-friend them because we have different opinions and ideas or have a disagreement or heated discussion and it’s stupid to de-friend someone just because they don’t have the same opinions as you. You can disagree and still be respectful and still be friends.