Things I Remember.


– I used to pretend I was a dog because I wanted one so badly

– In grade 4 learning to spell “mountain” and having to remember if it was “ain” or “ian”

– In grade 9 wearing gold flats(shoes) to a dance

– Washing my hair in the rain

– Riding horses bareback

-Bringing my 2 gerbils to Centre Island in a lunch box with breathing holes punched in it

-My “jelly fish” shoes with silver sparkles in it

– My friends holding down a boy in grade 6 so I could kiss him( he kicked me and ran away)

– Accidently setting the carpet on fire when I dropped a lit candle on the floor and stomping it out and re-arranging the furniture to cover up the scorched carpet before my mother came home from work and would notice it

– Coasting down the hill  on the snow at school at recess on my lunchbox

– Flinging the swings up around the poles at the park in grade 7 and 8 to “save” them so the little kids wouldn’t get them

– Seeing rabid dogs fighting in the schoolyard in grade 3 at recess, with blood all over the snow,and being called inside

– Thinking “eleven” and the name “Evelyn” were spelled the same by the way they sounded

– Drawing pictures of my future wedding gown

– Going barefoot all summer

– My anti-apartheid shirt I had in the 1980’s

– The old Sam The Record Man store with the flashing sign on Yonge Street

– In grade 11 sitting (during my spare period) in the hallway doing my homework in school waiting outside a classroom door for the boy I liked to come out of his class so I could stare at him

– Collecting Charlie’s Angel’s trading cards

– Reading “The Shining” in grade 8

– Taking the streetcar downtown dressed like a hippie

– Collecting chestnuts off the street at my grandmother’s house

– Wearing a T-shirt to school that said “I am gay” on it as a dare in grade 7

– Having crushes on teachers

– First being politically aware around age 13

– Having my first period

– My grandmother’s avocado tree

-Suntanning with my friends

– My friends and I phoning boys and teachers we liked

– Thinking I was The Ugly Duckling that would grow up to be The Beautiful Swan( except I never did)

– Getting my first dog