Our Tree.

Tree2011 We put up our Christmas tree( pictured here) and have our outdoor lights on and it LOOKS like the Christmas season now too we finally have snow! I also did ok on my own doing all the work by myself for the 2 weeks my mother was away(the 10 and 12 YR olds said what they missed most was the camera!), everyone got fed every day, laundry got done every day, the garbage got put out, beds got made, school got taught, groceries got bought, the house got cleaned, dishes got washed, etc. I did my work, made sure everyone else did their share,and kept things running smoothly, proving to everyone(and to myself) that I CAN do it without falling apart, even though I’m sure they still probably thought I “didn’t do anything”, and proving that I AM more capable than I thought! Now my hubby’s 50 he got a letter in the mail from the gov’t as well( Big Brother monitoring him) to get his prostate screened for cancer, and I joked, “How’s THAT for a birthday gift; a hose shoved up your butt?” and our oldest gets 5 WEEKS paid vacation off work every YR(most people in this country only get 2 weeks!) and he’s already taking a week off even though he’s only been working there since August or September(I forget) and the 19 YR old has an interview next week at a plastics place,too!

The roofers are also starting on the work now even though originally they said not until spring, and I’m mad I missed the TV news on Thursday because of stupid f*cking redneck football( and it hasn’t been on Sundays for MONTHS because of that loser crap,either!) and it’s not right that regular shows always get pre-empted for redneck garbage, and they said on the news as well at the G20 Summit Canada let(and even helped) USA spy on other nations( which is illegal) and just when I think this country can’t *possibly* suck any more than it does already it still somehow finds a way to manage, and in response to citizens’ outrage at skyrocketing hydro bills the Minister Of Energy just said too bad; they’re NOT lowering the cost; he just said to pay it or use LESS electricity! Even when the hydro company offered to build 2 new stations to meet the demand and lower the cost they REFUSED and just said we either pay more or use less, even though we still have appliances we need to use to cook our food and clean our clothes, furnaces we need to heat our homes in winter,and A/C to cool our homes in summer, etc.but what do you EXPECT from the Liberals? I hate this country so much!

As well, the gov’t stole an 85 YR old farmer’s land; he has over 200 acres of farm land plus 60 acres of woods and he refused to sell(they want it to expand an airforce base) as it’s been in his family for 200 YRS so they just expropriated it and stole it right from underneath him! How fascist! They’re nothing more than big bullies and in the end they strong-armed ,threatened,and blackmailed him into finally signing it over by saying if he doesn’t  agree to sign it over now they’ll give him less than HALF what they offered before! They’re so heartless,and it was so stupid on the news report how they showed a report about a 14 YR old girl who was stabbed and killed and they showed a grisly blood-soaked snowbank without warning and then before the very next story had a warning “Warning, graphic content that may disturb some viewers”…and all it was was about a dog that had string tied around it’s balls in a home-made castration attempt! So they didn’t think the gruesome murder of a CHILD was disturbing but tying a string around a DOG’S balls WAS? Clearly someone’s priorities are all wrong; they care more about animals than about people,and they even said farmers ARE allowed to do it to castrate livestock but you can’t do it to a dog or you can get 5 YRS in jail, but what’s the difference though? They’re all animals(so then why can you do it to pigs and cows but not dogs?), and either it’s cruel or it’s not….

I also had a dream I was stripped by bullies and forced to be outside naked, so I’m even bullied in my dreams,too, and it hurts that everyone always hates me(incl. my own family) and bullies me for my Asperger’s( and I’m pretty sure I’m bipolar as well) when I’m just doing my best to survive and most of the time I just go into survival mode as I can’t handle life, and everyone’s always disappointed in me and I disappoint myself all the time and I never meet anyone’s expectations and I fail at everything I do, even being a mother.That’s a hard thing to realize, to deal with,and to live with.