Hubba, Hubba!

GeorgeClooney One of my perennial favourites, George Clooney! Whadda hunk! If you don’t think HE’S a dream boat then you’re either blind or need your head examined! He just gets better looking with age! Good LORD, what a masterpiece!

They’re Home!

Caribbean(new) My mother and the 14 and 15 YR olds came back from their 2 weeks in the Caribbean later Saturday night. I was surprised they never even had suntans though considering they said the average temperature was between 28 C and 30 C! (I bet they’ll get colds now though with the extreme weather change; coming from that heat to the cold and snow here, although now it warmed up to 3 C and it’s raining). They all got patted down and had to go thru the naked body scanner at the airport as well as they had to go thru USA( Miami) and the Americans are paranoid crazy about security(and go waaay overboard!) and over-do it unlike any other country we’ve ever been to(and we always make fun of them for it) but I refuse to subject myself to the naked body scanner on principle and due to that I will no longer fly to or connect thru USA anymore, but it was uneventful otherwise and no one’s luggage got lost although security made the 15 YR old throw out his pimple cream he had in his backpack( he didn’t check any luggage, afraid they would lose it and just stuffed everything in his backpack!)

They went to Curacao, St. Thomas, Aruba, St. Maarten, Bahamas, and Grand Turk, and Aruba was the only new place that they(and I) haven’t been to before. They surprisingly couldn’t find the Bob Marley shirt I’d asked for (I know Jamaica is Bob Marley country but it IS still the Caribbean, afterall, and they still have reggae) and what my mother got me instead was a tie-dye T-shirt( even though I already HAVE 2 or 3 of them) and this ugly cheap-looking necklace made of some kind of black rock(I still did wear it to church though, just to be nice) in haste, as if it was a yeah, whatever, thing just because she HAD to get * something* but without any real thought or effort put into it, and now they’re back I feel irritated and angry; that their attitude and her cruelty, meddling, and snarky comments and our arguing are now back with them as well( I enjoyed it before with them gone; it was a break for me,too) and even now she’s back she’s still having them serve her and do everything for her just like while they were away,too,(“Bring me the groceries in here!” “Go get my tea for me!” etc.) and she and the 14 YR old said the 6 YR old was the only one they missed,and when they left the 14 YR old even hugged the 19 YR old(who is obnoxious and a bully) goodbye but didn’t even hug me!Shit.

As well, my friend from the old church did die last night as expected(of liver failure) and her husband just died last YR and their youngest is the same age as our 19 YR old( young to lose both parents); in fact, they were friends when they were younger, in church and in Cubs, and yesterday started Advent, the waiting period and countdown to Christmas(and we started our Advent wreath as well) and I felt like I was going to faint in church yesterday too( I just HATE that creepy, yucky, restless feeling you get when you’re about to pass out) and had to sit down with my head between my knees; I don’t know whether my blood sugar was low( it had been 5 HRS since I’d last eaten) or if it was just hot in there( if they had the heat up too high) or if maybe I’m getting sick, or something….