Happy Birthday Hippo Neck!

HippoNeck Today is Hippo Neck’s 2nd birthday! Hippo Neck is the 10 YR old’s fave. toy( seen here) And there’s also Scotty Bear, who I got for her when I was in Scotland 8 YRS ago She loves them both the same. This one is actually a neck pillow she bought when she was in Kingston but uses it as a cuddle toy in bed at night. It was exactly 2 YRS ago today she bought him, hence his “birthday.” She gave him a birthday party, complete with a Gummy Worm birthday cake(the Gummy Worms were on top), home-made party hats and cards, games(Pin the tail on the hippo, Find the hippo, Guess how many hippos),balloons, and gifts.Guests incl. both people and toys. The roofers also finished the roof, only I’d forgotten they were coming and heard loud thumping and banging at 8 am and thought it was the 6 YR old having one of his raging tantrums but it was them on the roof! A guy from the utility also came and said our water meter isn’t working so he went in the basement to check it except the mess was too big down there he couldn’t get to it so he told us to clean and call him later, and the 10 YR old quipped, “I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon then!” HAH!

I also found a radio station that plays all Christmas music all the time for all this month, only it’s from USA (Rochester) so the reception isn’t too good and I often hear static or 2 stations coming thru at once,and it’s not local news and weather, but a bonus: on their news reports they DON’T have annoying  redneck sports! Yay! It’s funny listening to their weather reports too as they use a different scale so when they say it’s 40 degrees out they mean  40 F (which is around 5 C in our temperature) but I see it as 40 C (which would be 104 F) so to me that would be really HOT even though to them it’s cool! It’s interesting to hear their commercials( for furniture stores, cell phones, restaurants, etc.) and how much lower their prices really are compared to ours,too: they were advertising Tablets for just 50$ and my hubby paid 100$ or 150$ for his, and their steak and lobster dinner was only 16$ and here it’s at least 30$ and their monthly cell phone bill only 50$ and here the average minimum is 100$(we have the highest cell phone rates in the world!) and up….we really ARE always getting over-charged and ripped off here! Canada sucks!

It said on the TV news report as well Canada ranked 3rd highest in the world for depression, so I’m not the only one depressed or who hates living here; it sucks so much and *everyone* hates it and is miserable and depressed I guess,too, and I can see why, and my mother’s so lazy that even after 2 weeks away in the Caribbean she STILL didn’t cook dinner(even though I had to do everything on MY own while she was gone and now I need a break) when she got back and told everyone they were just on their own, using her “I’m tired” excuse again( how does she think *I* feel?) even though she was just on vacation doing nothing,and she also complained and criticized me why didn’t *I* do the Christmas cards yet even though I was busy doing all HER work while SHE was away and I forgot so we did them yesterday but then she got mad and THREW them at me because I took one SHE wanted,and she snarked we weren’t going to mail any to the 2 oldest kids( out of sight, out of mind?) and when I said we still should and that I’m still going to, she got all huffy and stalked off! She really is a nasty piece of work! When I tell other people about how she treats me they all say it’s emotional abuse,too. Too bad she had to come BACK!!