I Am A Label.

Label(new) “Ugly”. “Dog”. “Frankenstein Face.” “Skuz.” Those were the not-so-kind names bestowed on me in grade 8  by my entire class due to my unfortunate looks. It sticks and still hurts even to this day.Whoever said “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me” has obviously never been bullied. Words REALLY hurt and they can never be taken back once said. I still see myself according to what I am, according to the baggage I carry, the medical conditions I have, the disorders I struggle with, the emotional damage and traumas that have messed me up, my looks, my body, my low self-esteem, how others continue to abuse and mistreat me, the anxiety and stress that overwhelms me, the suicidal thoughts that almost overtake me, the worthlessness that engulfs me,  the depression that flattens me,and the failure that defines me. I am what others label me.

I am:

– Asperger’s Syndrome

-Social Phobia

-Anxiety Disorder


– Ugly

– Fat

– Stupid

– Bipolar( most likely)

– Marfan Syndrome


-Breathing problem


-High BP


-Emotionally stunted and damaged

– A failure








I am ME.


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